Meaning of Zayd

Zayd is an Arabic name for boys.
The meaning is `Growing, Increasing`
The name Zayd is most commonly given to Belgian boys. (10 times more often than to American boys.)

Use for the other sex:


The name sounds like:

Cyd, Saad, Said, Sayid, Syd, Zed

Similar names are:

Aad, Boyd, Kayde, Day, Fahd, Gad, Zak, Zack, Jayde, Zane, Ladd, Lad, Laud, Loyd, Rad, Reyd, Tad, Tadd, Tay, Wayde, Zach, Zaydok, Zaki, Zale, Zayle, Zann, Zan, Zayne, Zain, Zared

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