Meaning of Tully

Tully is a Celtic name for boys and girls.
The meaning is `mighty people`
The name Tully is most commonly given to American boys.
In Scotland it is (almost) solely given to girls

The name sounds like:

Tilly, Tally, Tulla,, Till, Thole, Daily, Daly, Daley, Dalle, Dell, Tal, Tahl, Teilo, Thilo

Similar names are:

Jully, Delly, Ally, Milly, Billy, Cally, Kally, Cilly, Colly, Nelly, Dolly, Dulcy, Elly, Lally, Gilly, Hilly, Hally, Holly, Jilly, Juley, July, Kelly, Lolly, Lilly, Polly, Molly, Tilli, Tildy, Melly, Mally, Sally, Tallya, Talley, Tula, Tilley, Truly, Trul

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