Meaning of Taos

Taos is a name for boys.
The name is very rarely given inWallonia.
The name Taos is -as far as we know- only given to American boys.

The name sounds like:

Taso, Tijs, Tasso, Taz, Tazz

Similar names are:

Toon, Ton, Cass, Ras, Haws, Hays, Joos, Kass, Mats, Mads, Mays, Pats, Tab, Tabb, Tad, Tadd, Tadi, Tahoe, Tait, Tate, Taj, Tahj, Taji, Tal, Tahl, Talys, Tan, Taro, Tau, Tavi, Tavis, Tay, Teo, Teom, Tom, Tamas, Tam, Tor, Titos, Tod, Tris, Troy, Troi, Tov

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