Meaning of Tadd

Tadd is a Welsh name for boys.
The meaning is `brave heart`
The name Tadd is most commonly given to Scottish boys. (2 times more often than to American boys.)

The name sounds like:

Tadi, Tedd, Todd

Similar names are:

Ladd, Aad, Aadi, Taso, Budd, Cade, Kade, Chadd, Dade, Dard, Ted, Teddy, Fadi, Fahd, Gad, Gadi, Hadi, Jade, Jedd, Jada, Judd, Kidd, Laddy, Lad, Laud, Maddy, Paddy, Rad, Redd, Rodd, Rudd, Saad, Said, Shadd, Tab, Tabb, Thad, Tadao, Tadeo, Taddeo, Tadhg, Taft

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