Meaning of Saad

Saad is an Arabic name for boys.
The meaning is `blessed, prosperous`
The name Saad is most commonly given to Italian boys. (12 times more often than to American boys.)

The name sounds like:

Said, Saadya, Saeed, Sayid, Syed, Syd, Sid

Similar names are:

Shad, Aad, Sandy, Asad, Asaad, Chad, Fahd, Fuad, Gad, Sean, Ladd, Lad, Laud, Mead, Rad, Read, Sage, Sail, Sal, Sam, Samy, Samm, Sami, Saul, Seal, Shadd, Shadi, Shade, Slade, Spud, Stan, Tad, Thad, Tadd

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