Meaning of Ruel

Ruel is a Hebrew name for boys.
The meaning is `God`s friend`
The name Ruel is most commonly given to English and Welsh boys. (2 times more often than to American boys.)

The name sounds like:

Raul, Rowl, Roul

Similar names are:

Buel, Del, Ries, Arel, Aurel, Buell, Buhl, Burl, Cael, Noel, Neel, Dael, Euell, Gael, Jael, Yael, Joel, Yoel, Kael, Rien, Mel, Niel, Orel, Pauel, Peel, Rafel, Ravel, Rae, Reed, Rees, Reg, Rei, Ren, Ruby, Rube, Rey, Rigel, Reo, Rodel, Ruy, Roe, Ronel, Rubi

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