Meaning of Rollo

Rollo is a Latin name for boys.
The meaning is `wolf, counsel, famous`
The name Rollo is most commonly given to English and Welsh boys. (15 times more often than to American boys.)

Use for the other sex:


The name sounds like:

Rolly, Rolle

Similar names are:

Colle, Coll, Colla, Gallo, Lallo, Noll, Poll, Rolph, Rowl, Roul, Roald, Rocko, Rocio, Rodeo, Rollin, Rollie, Rollan, Roley, Rolfe, Romeo, Romolo, Ronello, Rowly, Royle, Zoilo

See also:

Earl, Erroll, Rolf, Rudolph, Roland, Roly

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