Meaning of Roddy

Roddy is an English name for boys.
The meaning is `famous, powerful, red`
The name Roddy is most commonly given to Scottish boys. (47 times more often than to American boys.)

It is short for:


What do they use in other countries?

Rui (Portuguese)
Roy (Scottish, English)

The name sounds like:

Rodd, Rowdy

Similar names are:

Ronny, Addy, Broddy, Buddy, Cody, Kody, Codey, Cuddy, Eddy, Neddy, Teddy, Roy, Woody, Jody, Jodey, Jordy, Kodey, Laddy, Maddy, Mordy, Paddy, Radly, Randy, Redly, Redd, Rodas, Ridly, Robby, Rocky, Rodel, Rodeo, Rory, Roddie, Rodney, Rojay, Rodge, Rolly, Ro

See also:

Rod, Rhydderch, Rodrigo, Rurik, Rodrigue, Roderick, Rodney, Roderic

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