Meaning of Rich

Rich is an English name for boys.
The meaning is `old, counsel, wise`
The name Rich is most commonly given to American boys.

If it's too long you might use:


The name sounds like:

Ritch, Richy, Ric, Rick, Rico, Roch

Similar names are:

Rice, Ritchy, Richie, Ries, Arch, Ricky, Birch, Erich, Fish, Rik, Lech, Rien, Micha, Reigh, Raice, Riki, Ricki, Rikk, Rigg, Rio, Rip, Rito, Rock, Roche, Roth, Roice, Rush, Rion, Rian, Zach

See also:

Rhisiart, Ricardo, Rikard, Ryszard, Riccardo, Rikárd, Richárd, Riku, Rikhard, Ricky, Rickie, Rik, Hudson, Dick, Rick, Richie, Rickey

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