Meaning of Petar

Petar is a Slavic name for boys.
The meaning is `the rock, the stone`
The name Petar is most commonly given to Italian boys. (6 times more often than to American boys.)

What do they use in other countries?

Peter (English, German, Scandinavian, NAMES_Bibl)

The name sounds like:

Petr, Pieter, Petre, Peder

Similar names are:

Kedar, Pete, Per, Par, Peer

See also:

Pedr, Petro, Pedro, Per, Petya, Pyotr, Petru, Piotr, Boutros, Petras, Piero, Pietro, Peadar, Pétur, Péter, Peti, Pierre, Petteri, Pekka, Pietari, Petri, Pete, Piet, Pieter, Peder, Petr, Pere, Bedros, Peterkin

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