Meaning of Nils

Nils is a Norwegian name for boys.
The meaning is `victorious`
The name Nils is most commonly given to Norwegian boys. The chances are 100 times greater that boys are called Nils there.

It is short for:

Colin, Nico, Klaas, Klaus, Claus, Launo, Nick

If it's too long you might use:


Use for the other sex:

Nicoleta, Nikoleta, Nicola

The name sounds like:

Niles, Nels, Neils, Nilos, Niels

Similar names are:

Nile, Neil, Giles, Jiles, Miles, Mills, Niel, Niall, Nial, Neill, Neile, Nilson, Niaz, Nikos, Niklos, Niklas, Nicos, Nyles, Noll, Silas, Sills, Wills

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