Meaning of Ned

Ned is an English name for boys.
The meaning is `wealthy, spear`
The name Ned is most commonly given to English and Welsh boys. (31 times more often than to American boys.)

It is short for:

Edward, Edmund

What do they use in other countries?

Ted (English)
Edgar (English, French)

The name sounds like:

Neddy, Nat

Similar names are:

Aed, Ced, Ted, Jed, Ner, Nev, Zed

See also:

Edgar, Edwin, Iorwerth, Edmundo, Eduardo, Eideard, Edvard, Duarte, Edmondo, Edoardo, Éamonn, Ödön, Ekewaka, Eduard, Edmond, Édouard, Eetu, Eddy, Ted, Ewart, Teddy, Ed

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