Meaning of Merlyn

Merlyn is an English name for boys and girls.
The meaning is `sea fortress`
The name Merlyn is most commonly given to American girls.
In Engeland en Wales it is (almost) solely given to girls

What do they use in other countries?

Merlin (NAMES_Wels_myth, English)
Myrddin (NAMES_Wels)

The name sounds like:

Marlyn, Marlyne, Marlen, Marilyn, Marylyn, Marelyn, Maralyn, Marlynn, Marlin, Marlon, Merline, Merlina,, Merlynn, Merlen

Similar names are:

Merryn, Arlyn, Carlyn, Karlyn, Cherlyn, Darlyn, Geralyn, Jeralyn, Jerilyn, Jerelyn, Kerilyn, Madlyn, Maryn, Marlys, Merle, Merla, Merl, Merryl, Morwyn, Terelyn, Teralyn,, Berlyn, Merwyn, Mervyn, Verlyn

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