Meaning of Keyvan

Keyvan is a name for boys.
The meaning is `world, universe`
The name is very rarely given inthe United States.
The name Keyvan is most commonly given to French boys.

The name sounds like:

Kevan, Kavan, Kayven, Kevin, Kevyn, Kevon, Keven

Similar names are:

Kelvan, Bevan, Bevvan, Beavan, Kean, Devan, Jevan, Jevvan, Jeavan, Kaydan, Keegan, Kegan, Keagan, Keelan, Kelan, Keilan, Kealan, Keenan, Kennan, Kellan, Kelvin, Kelvyn, Kelvon, Kelven, Kenan, Kervyn, Kervin, Keiran, Kyran, Kylan, Nevan, Tevan

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