Meaning of Jovin

Jovin is a Latin name for boys.
The name Jovin is most commonly given to American boys. (3 times more often than to English and Welsh boys.)

The name sounds like:

Jevin, Jovon

Similar names are:

Jovi, Jamin, Bevin, Davin, Devin, Evin, Jalin, Gavin, Tavin, Havin, Javon, Jabin, Jarin, Jasin, Javan, Javi, Jevon, Jevan, Jevvin, Jeven, Jeavin, Jivan, Joben, John, Jon, Johon, Johnn, Johan, Jonn, Joran, Joren, Joron, Jorn, Jorian, Jovito, Jove, Jovany

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