Meaning of Josep

Josep is a Catalan name for boys.
The meaning is `God will provide`
The name Josep is most commonly given to Scottish boys. (2 times more often than to American boys.)

What do they use in other countries?

Joseph (English, French, NAMES_Bibl)

The name sounds like:

Josip, Jessup, Jessop

Similar names are:

Jose, Josef, Iosep

See also:

Yusef, José, Pepe, Pepito, Joze, Jozef, Josif, Iosif, Osip, Yousef, Youssef, Juozas, Yussel, Yosef, Giuseppe, Seosamh, József, Josef, Seppel, Sepp, Xosé, Juuso, Jooseppi, Jozefo, Jochjo, Joey, Joe, Josip, Hovsep

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