Meaning of Jordan

Jordan is an English name for boys and girls.
The meaning is `flooding stream`
The name Jordan is most commonly given to American boys.
In Vlaanderen, Wallonie, België, Italië and Frankrijk it is (almost) solely given to boys

Use for the other sex:

Yarden,, Yarden, Yardena, Jordyn

What do they use in other countries?

Jordyn (English )
Jorden (English)
Jordon (English)
Jordy (Dutch)

The name sounds like:

Yordana, Arden, Ardin, Jardyna, Yordanna,, Worden, Arden, Arrden, Ardon, Ardin, Ardian, Jardine, Warden

See also:

Giordana, Jardina, Yordan,, Joord

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