Meaning of Gaell

Gaell is an Irish name for boys.
The meaning is `rejoice, happiness`
The name Gaell is most commonly given to Dutch boys. (4 times more often than to American boys.)

What do they use in other countries?

Kai (NAMES_Wels)
Kay (NAMES_Wels_myth)
Gail (English)
Cai (Chinese)
Kaye (English)
Kye (English)
Gayle (English )

The name sounds like:

Gael, Gaill, Gaelle, Gall

Similar names are:

Bell, Buell, Cabell, Cadell, Cael, Capell, Dael, Dell, Euell, Gable, Gaer, Gal, Gayle, Gaile, Gaille, Gail, Gaelan, Galil, Galo, Gallo, Galt, Gamal, Gamul, Gamel, Gill, Hall, Jael, Yael, Joell, Kael, Kell, Pell, Pall, Vaill

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