Meaning of Evon

Evon is a Welsh name for boys and girls.
The meaning is `God is gracious`
The name Evon is most commonly given to American boys.
In Engeland en Wales it is (almost) solely given to boys

What do they use in other countries?

Evan (NAMES_Wels, English)
Evin (Scandinavian)
Van (English)
Evann (French)
Even (Scandinavian)
Ewen (Scottish)

The name sounds like:

Evan, Evony, Ivon,, Avon, Evyn, Evin, Even, Evion, Ivon, Yvon

Similar names are:

Elon, Elona, Aven, Eve, Eva, Devon, Eavan, Ebony, Eboni, Eden, Edin, Elyn, Elen, Elin, Ellon, Elan, Erin, Eryn, Evina, Evia, Evani, Evah, Evana, Evy, Evvy, Evlyn, Evie, Evey, Evlin, Evonna, Eman,, Eton, Egon, Elon, Ekon, Eron, Evo, Eon, Eion

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