Meaning of Dorion

Dorion is an English name for boys.
The meaning is `descendant of Dorus`
The name Dorion is most commonly given to American boys.

What do they use in other countries?


The name sounds like:

Darion, Doron, Dorien, Torion

Similar names are:

Adrion, Arion, Brion, Corin, Korin, Damion, Darian, Darrion, Darien, Darin, Darron, Daron, Dario, Derron, Darton, Darwon, Davion, Deion, Dion, Dervon, Devion, Doriel, Doran, Dorren, Dorran, Dorrien, Dorrian, Doroni, Dorrin, Dowson, Garion, Gorin, Gurion

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