Meaning of Dorien

Dorien is an English name for boys.
The meaning is `descendant of Dorus`
The name Dorien is most commonly given to Flemish boys. (26 times more often than to American boys.)

The name sounds like:

Darien, Dorren, Dorrien, Dorion

Similar names are:

Doriel, Adrien, Arien, Brien, Corin, Korin, Koren, Coren, Damien, Darian, Darrien, Darion, Darin, Derren, Daren, Dariel, Darren, Davien, Doran, Dorran, Doron, Dore, Dorryen, Dorrian, Dorrin, Dorrel, Dorsey, Dorsie, Dorsee, Goren, Gorren, Gorin, Joren, Jor

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