Meaning of Colin

Colin is a Scottish name for boys.
The meaning is `dove`
The name Colin is most commonly given to American boys.

It is short for:


What do they use in other countries?


The name sounds like:

Colwin, Calan, Cailin, Collen, Colwyn, Cullin, Galin, Glin, Kalin

See also:

Collin, Nils, Nicolao, Nicolás, Mikolás, Nikola, Neacel, Nicol, Nikolai, Nicolae, Nicolau, Mikolaj, Nicolò, Nico, Nicola, Niccolò, Miklós, Klaas, Klaus, Niklaus, Claus, Nickolaus, Nikolaus, Klaes, Nicolas, Niilo, Niko, Launo, Nikolao, Nichjo, Nikolas

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