Meaning of Bordin

Bordin is an English name for boys and girls.
The meaning is `vale of the boar`
The name is very rarely given inthe United States.

Bordin is at number in the top 50 of girls (average of 10 years data)

The name sounds like:

Bordon, Bardon, Barden, Bartin, Bertin, Bradin

Similar names are:

Bodin, Ardin, Birgin, Bergin, Berlin, Burlin, Berwin, Bogdan, Bohdan, Boden, Bowdoin, Bowden, Bodine, Boltin, Borbon, Born, Brain, Bruin, Byrdie, Cardin, Fordon, Forden, Gordon, Gorden, Gordan, Hardin, Jordan, Jordyn, Jordon, Jorden, Jordain, Worden

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