Meaning of Ahren

Ahren is a German name for boys.
The meaning is `power of an eagle`
The name Ahren is most commonly given to American boys.

The name sounds like:

Ayren, Aren, Airen, Ahron, Ahran, Aaren, Arren

Similar names are:

Ayron, Auron, Arun, Arron, Arran, Aron, Arin, Arend, Arek, Aran, Airyn, Aharon, Aeryn, Aeron, Aaryn, Aarin, Aaran, Abran, Aden, Arjen, Adron, Adrin, Adrien, Adrean, Ahern, Aherin, Ahsan, Ayden, Aiden, Aiken, Ayken, Allen, Alen, Auben, Ameen, Arden, Arrden

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