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9 Weeks pregnant

Week 9 starts on day 63 and goes up to day 70. It is your tenth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 3 centimeter / 1.2 inches
Weight of your baby: 2 grams / 0.1 ozs

Your pregnancy at 9 weeks 


What's happening with mum

Morning sicknes, heartburn, indigestion, bloating, constipation, all those symptoms that you may or may not be experiencing are probably wearing you out. Fatigue is something which can affect anyone but pregnant women are more susceptible. As well as the physical changes you are going through, you will probably be on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. All of this is exhaustive and it is vital that you get enough rest to be able to cope with it all. While taking an afternoon nap, long soaks in the bath and gentle exercise such as walking and swimming can help there are many ways pregnant women find to relax. Maybe you could look for a pregnancy yoga class or other pregnancy class in your area.


What's happening with baby

Your growing embryo is now known as an fetus and their developing muscles are now strong enough to propel it through the amniotic fluid although it is not big enough yet for you to be able to feel this movement. This fluid surrounds your baby in the amniotic sac and as well as providing a secure environment, facilitates the transference of vital fluids hormones antibodies and nutrients from mother to baby. It also insulates the fetus and allows it to maintain a steady body temperature. 

Your baby's nerves muscles and organs are now starting to function and if your baby is in the correct position their heartbeat may be heard using a device known as a Doppler. A Doppler uses a non invasive technique to bounce sound waves off circulating red blood cells to detect and analyse your baby's blood flow.

The Practicalities

There are medications availabel to help with headaches, heartburn and other symptoms you might be experiencing. Before you take anything it is advisable to consult with your doctor.



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  • Angel-VonBat

    I think I am 9 weeks pregnant, the last test I done at about 6-7 weeks was negative, and I think it may be because there is too much HCG for the test to be positive so still not sure if I am or not but I've had nausea, headaches, frequent passing of urine, heartburn, gone off coffee and tuna fish, always wanting icecream, constipation and diahorria, and abdomen feels like it's stretching, and it uncomfortable to sit on my feet like I used to, my hormones have gone crazy, but can't do anything until the virus is gone, I read on google that high HCG could be a sign of twins, I was overweight before and I am 45 which is also another sign of twins, but nothing I can do to find out anything until the coronavirus is gone, also my breast are not changing the nipples are itchy sometimes but not sore, and I also have cramps and I am tired a lot of the time.

  • Olayinka

    Am 9weeks pregnant today. Am always tired and I have serious constipation and bloating. Waking up in the morning is always a struggle

  • maribote25

    My morning sickness is on and off. 9 weeks

  • China-baby-34

    so happy right now

  • aztlandreams


  • JosephNicole

    @Jailssa - “I`m 9 weeks tomorrow...„
    I am 10 weeks on Thursday and this baby is making me so sick. I wish you the best of luck.. I never knew pregnancy could be so horrible

  • Jailssa

    I`m 9 weeks tomorrow and I`ve only threw up once and always nausea and heartburn

  • Sana13

    I have my ultrasound at 8 week and hear the angel heartbeat now I am freaking once again as my pregnancy symptoms are vanishing , is my baby o.k . It`s my 1st pregnancy.

  • Cbeddell

    I am 9 weeks and SICK!!! Soo sick!! Nothing is helping.

  • Amanda Smith

    9 weeks with my Rainbow baby had early scan Friday has a lovely strong heart such a relief to see..

  • Lyndsy-Lou

    9 weeks with my Rainbow baby!!!

  • Jobenpour

    @Momoffour - “I`m almost 9 weeks a...„

  • MrsFalcon

    This is my for

  • fkarim1129

    @Sarahgirl0314 - “I`m 9 weeks pregnant...„

  • MyMiracle

    @andrea82 - “2day(7-15-16)i am 9w...„
    WE have the EXACT same symtoms. No morning sickness, just bloading,constant urinating and hungry cravings. I heard my baby heart beat last week it was surreal after that. I`m excited I`m pregnant with my first love

  • andrea82

    2day(7-15-16)i am 9weeks pregnant with my 2nd child, & my 1st doctors appointment is on 7-19-16 & me my husband & my son are super excited. No morning sickness at all i just feel bloated, & always sleeping & hungry lol & 4ever going 2 use the bathroom lol.. well congrats 2 me & 2 all that are going 2 be moms

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If you are 9 pregnant your due date is from Monday, 19 December 2022 through Sunday, 25 December 2022.

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