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8 Weeks pregnant

Week 8 starts on day 56 and goes up to day 63. It is your ninth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 2 centimeter / 0.8 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 grams / 0 ozs

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  • jzaonline

    @GabyBaby221 - “this says at the end...„
    @gabybaby221 I think it was a typo - I think they meant 2 cm long. I am 8 weeks and got my first ultrasound. My baby is 3.1 cm long.

  • GabyBaby221

    this says at the end of 8 weeks the baby will be almost 2 inches long but other pregnancy websites/apps say the beginning of week 9 the baby is .9 inches long

  • Danielle B

    No sickness at all! Just crazy bloating and gas. I`m anxious for my appointment next week! Hoping they take a look so I can see. I feel so bloated I`m scared it could be two!

  • Belgica1

    I`m eight weeks today. I had my first ultrasound today too. I got to see and hear my precious baby`s heart beat. I`m so happy and blessed. No sickness at all just feel tired

  • tolu

    I will be 8 weeks tomorrow but pls I need help.I saw little blood coming out from my virgins I was so worry.though it`s blood stain pls what happen

  • jalesa02


  • miss-douglas

    I`m 9 weeks tomorrow I am still feeling sick, I can`t wait to feel better congratulations to everyone and there pregnancy

  • Princess Nita

    Im 8 weeks 4 days still feeling sick can`t wait to get bigger for this feeling to go away

  • shontilylace

    I am 8 weeks and 3 days today. just joined the group. I have been very sick the last 3 weeks. and extraordinarily tired. hope this goes away as i aproch my second semester. 2nd child but its been 9 years so feels like im starting all new

  • sweetkaty

    im 8 weeks 1 day went for ultrasound at 6 weeks 2 days got to see heart beat cant wait till wednesday i go for my 9 week ultrasound wish me luck. hope all is well. i have a 2 yr old as well. congrats to everyone whos pregnant

  • sheena01

    Yay my 8th week

  • sayoddy

    Pregnancy confirmed, no doubt. even my m-i-l that was doubting it is happy about the news and treats me kindly. No sickness except the bloating

  • d22d

    9 weeks just came from doctor appt U/S. Baby looks great 168 heartbeat! I have an 8 mo old at home..... Surprise!!

  • afsoon

    I am 9 weeks today:) I just found out my best friend that was pregnant for 8 weeks she lost her baby. Her baby never grow since 6 weeks. I am so sad and in same time worried. I just want to go for my first visit as sooner. I

  • pentracy

    This my 8 week I sometimes feel sleepy and my skin is now getting so dry any suggestion on dry skin i have been using cetaphil before prenancy, but now seems no to be working again , I have a teenage girl i`m praying for a healthy full term boy. All the best to you all moms

  • marquezfamily

    8 wks today with my 6th baby im 28 yrs old im excited havent had no sikness @ all ive juz been feeling really tired n sleepy but other then that i feel great congrats 2 all u 1st time mommies n all u mommies that already have other little 1`s

  • tinaflowers32

    8weeks today my 3rd unexpected pregnancy my youngest is 10 this was a big surprise ,we have 2 girls want a boy but of course it doesnt matter we just want a healthy baby ;) #blessingfromGOD

  • tafaya

    8 weeks n some days im happy n i want a boy now

  • Nena1182004

    8wks exactly today, second pregnancy at 31 my oldest is 10yrs old girl. !! Blessed! God is fantastic!!!

  • Nena1182004

    8wks exactly today, second pregnancy at 31 my oldest is 10yrs old girl. !! Blessed! God is fantastic!!!

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If you are 8 pregnant your due date is from Saturday, 2 October 2021 through Friday, 8 October 2021.

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