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8 Weeks pregnant

Week 8 starts on day 56 and goes up to day 63. It is your ninth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 2 centimeter / 0.8 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 grams / 0 ozs

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  • beautie

    hi I`m 8weeks 6days pregnant l feel extremely tired , the morning sickness is serious, it`s different from my first baby.
    what can l do?

  • Sjking52388

    Hi.I`m new here. My daughter is 4 years old and very excited to be a big sister. I`m currently 8weeks and 2days. I`m due the day before my birthday. What is the chances of me having my second child on my birthday? and what is the chance of it being a boy?

  • mommy6times

    Hi.. Im new to the group.. Im 8 weeks 5 days. Baby number 6
    I have to say Im a little nervous.. Considering this time was a surprise..I had just a had my IUD removed. Never the less still excited. Im older so there are some worries.

  • Babybat1123

    I`m nine weeks pregnant and have every symptom in the book sadly. Especially morning sickness...this will be my first baby and I`m very excited to meet him or her in February

  • akihm

    I`m 8 weeks 5 days and I don`t feel pregnant whatsoever. This is my 4th, we have all girls so far so we aren`t sure if we want to find out the sex of this one! No morning sickness, no overwhelming feeling of Tiredness, no food aversions/cravings. Have my 1st appt on June 28 and another July 8th for the 1st ultrasound. Hoping to hear nothing but good! I`m 37 but no issues with any of my past pregnancies! Good vibes to all you mamas out there!

  • amna92

    I am 8 weeks I have absolutely no symptoms apart from I`m off a few foods that I used to enjoy and Dnt feel pregnant at all this is my 3rd pregnancy I am very worried

  • dominiquelucas

    Hello everyone my name is dominique and I`d like to introduce myself I`m 8 weeks pregnant I don`t feel it tho I don`t have morning sickness so I`ve read with girls you have morning sickness meaning I`m having a boy I think I don`t know I wanted a girl

  • Tiffy943

    Morning sickness took over about a week ago. This is my third pregnancy. Stay strong ladies it will pass. :)


    @Dmathews - “8 weeks pregnant. My...„
    Hi, congratulations! I feel the same way I`m 34, my baby is 10, huge surprise lol...I`m so tired all the time too, this is like starting over lol all brand new to me.

  • Malaysiah16

    I`m 8wks pregnant and the morning sickness is taking over, my Obstetric said it`s normal and it`ll pass I just don`t know when. I`m very excited but it`s hard to act like it.Hopefully it will pass.

  • LiloS

    tough week for me morning sickenss !

  • Glitz05

    @kiki611978 - “Hi! This is 8 wks an...„
    Did you call your doctor? Sometimes bleeding is okay but you always want to call the doctor. Especially bright red blood that fills a pad in an hour or two. There are many reasons bleeding can be caused by and they may want to do ultrasound to get more information and make sure baby is okay. Prayers for you

  • Elizabeth6

    My Dr did an ultrasound and asked me if I ever miscarried and I told him no and why. He couldn`t see a heartbeat is that normal? I`m about 8 weeks pregnant and he told me 5 weeks but according to my last period I would be 8 weeks.

  • Glitz05

    @Jessieg - “Not sure if im allow...„
    Diclegis didn`t work for me but is the only Class A Medication for Morning Sickness! It`s basically a vitamin supplement with an antihistamine in it.

  • kiki611978

    @Grey_B - “I went to an early u...„
    Congrats to u and wife

  • kiki611978

    Hi! This is 8 wks and 1 day of my 1st pregnancy. I was bleeding earlier and this isn`t the 1st time bleeding. I bled twice b4 on different days. Plz klsay a prayer for me or advice. Thanks a bunch.

  • Grey_B

    I went to an early ultrasound yesterday and found that i`m having twins! I`m so excited! This will be my 2nd and 3rd baby!

  • Jessieg

    Not sure if im allowed to recommend meds or not. But I was here 4 weeks ago with VERY bad morning sickness and my Dr. Prescribed Diclegis to me. Now I know alot of women are hard core and believe in home remedies but nothing worked for me until this. Im now 12 weeks and haven`t gotten sick since I started taking this RX. Just FYI for those struggling! Hugs ladies and congratulations on making it to 8 weeks!

  • Mommy101

    I`m 8 weeks and 3 days today I`m very nervous about this pregnant I lost my first baby after we found out he was a boy 2 weeks after can anyone give me advice to help calm my self

  • cwebb0

    Hi mommas to be! I am 8 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby. My kids are 9,7, and 2. My fiancee have been trying to get pregnant for 9 months, and it finally happened! I am high risk BC I have my children early, and for a few other reasons. I have to see my specialist for the first time next week, and I`m nervous. I am having discharge that is either watery, or thick, and white. Is that normal?? I can`t remember!!

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If you are 8 pregnant your due date is from Saturday, 2 October 2021 through Friday, 8 October 2021.

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