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8 Weeks pregnant

Week 8 starts on day 56 and goes up to day 63. It is your ninth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 2 centimeter / 0.8 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 grams / 0 ozs

Your pregnancy at 8 weeks 


What's happening with mum

These first few weeks of pregnancy are always difficult with so many things happening and quickly. Every woman is different and the symptoms experienced during these first few weeks of pregnany vary from woman to woman. Those hormones continue to play havoc with your senses and moods but they wont last forever. At this point in your pregnancy as well as other symptoms you may also feel you are always full and bloated.

Your uterus is expanding to accomodate your growing baby, putting pressure on your stomach and intestines, progesterone is causing your muscles to relax and allow for this expansion, however, this also slows digestion. This means food takes longer to be broken down and enter your bloodstream resulting in bloating and excess gas build up. This is annoying and can be embarrasing but by cutting back on foods which may cause gas such as legumes, onions, brassicas and eating small, regular meals, you can alleviate these symptoms.

What's happening with baby

Your baby is growing at around 1mm a day and is now approximately 13mm. Baby is also recognisable as a little person with tiny fingers and toes growing at the end of lengthening arms and legs. The trunk is beginning to straighten and the oversized head is becoming rounded. The umbilical chord, which connects your baby to the placenta, is now clearly visible and your baby's heart beats out a regular rythmn at approximately 120 beats per minute.


The Practicalities

If you haven't already had your first ultrasound you should consider making an appointment now. It is also the perfect time to begin finding out about maternity leave and pay. Perhaps you can also work out innovative and exciting ways of announcing your pregnancy to friends and family if they don't already know.


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  • RobertJohn

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  • Nishaknapp

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  • RobertJohn

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  • Layla12

    Hi, I am extremely in pain right now, my nausea is just there 24/7, my body is feeling weak.. And I constantly vomit to the point that I have nothing to vomit anymore, I am in my 7 weeks of pregnancy.. What to do to stop this? This is too much :(

  • Jennylove

    Wahoo now am 8 weeks pregnant 💞

  • Jennylove

  • Amy280

    Hi mommies...i have migrains and highblood pressure that wont come down...any home remedies i can use?

  • hydrosoniq

    Migraine, vomitting, and constant nausea-- someone please remind me this is a gift, because I can't seem to get past feeling like he'll 24/7 . We just had a stillbirth in November 2018. Was planning a conscious conception for December 2019, but got pregnant in June while on birth control . We are super excited, and feel incredibly blessed, but I feel miserable physically. I will try the magnesium! I eat a clean plant based diet, and am physically active and fit.

  • MagdaJM

    I just read your message here. I hope all is good and the preparations for the arrival of the baby are happening :)
    I am vegan with my third pregnancy. This one is a bit more... nauseated. Have you stayed vegan throughout? Do you have advice on food/prenatals and such?...
    I do hope to read from you. I'm going to my first visit with my midwife in my 11th week. I can't wait to have all the blood tests done even though I know I eat good and I have a healthy pregnancy.
    I just want to hear from a fellow vegan :)

  • AliCat

    I had my first vaginal ultrasound at 7 weeks and no baby only empty sac but my HCG are still going up. My doctor thinks it’s a miscarriage. Has this happen to anyone?

  • Nacoyabowleg99

    I also had my first vaginal ultrasound but it was at 6 weeks And my doctor told me that he only see the sac no baby but he also told me to come back and I’ve been feeling so sick lately Nausea and I’ve even vomit once am trying to figure out wat that means???

  • rhailyn-rose-Cuyos

    Hi momies,.Im. 8 weeks pregnant , and im always suffering from my lower back.. question..! isn't normal suffering like this.. Thank You and GodbleSs😊

  • hydrosoniq

    Yoga- prayer squat and forward folds seem to lengthen my spine and alleviate lower back pressure.

  • rhailyn-rose-Cuyos

  • Jess-C


    How are you!

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    Waiting for your response :)


  • China-baby-34

    Omg im 8weeks im so happy. Just one problem why do i keep having pain in my left side and i had a lil spotting why but the soptting is light ??? Can some one let me knw whats going on

  • aztlandreams

    You should always check with your doctor. How are you now?

  • China-baby-34

    Im ok now thanks for asking i was doing to much at work and was stressed

  • aztlandreams

    Glad to hear! That is my concern now as well, having to stop working during my high risk pregnancy. I'm now on 11 weeks 3 days, 11 days away from being at a better position, into my 2nd tri-mester. Praying all continues going well. This is our rainbow baby.

  • aztlandreams

    Glad to hear. And totally understand the stress. Bless.



  • Yasglo22

  • JosephNicole

    Buddhistflower how far along are you ?

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If you are 8 pregnant your due date is from Monday, 26 December 2022 through Sunday, 1 January 2023.

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