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7 Weeks pregnant

Week 7 starts on day 49 and goes up to day 56. It is your eighth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 1 centimeter / 0.4 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 grams / 0 ozs

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  • blooming

    Hi every I am 24 first time mom and I am 7 weeks kind of excited was having some cramps and got worried but everything seems fine so far have another ultrasound at the end of this week nervous but excited so you guys please keep me in your prayers.

  • khanyi28

    Hi I am 36 and its my first time, I am going to my first scan this week hoping for triples...I will over joy. I know all gift come from God. Every thing is fine for now no morning sickness. Little bit scared some morning when I do feel like I am pregnant...I do preg test again ...crazy I know.

  • Chiomzy

    Hi, am 7 weeks 3 days today and everything is going OK. Though i have cough which is subsiding.

  • lozboz24

    7 weeks to day first time mummy and the 24/7 sickness (refuse to call it morning) has kicked in last week and is getting worse. Finding mint humbugs and mints in general are a temporary relief. Cant wait to hear the heart beat. :-)

  • sanaz q

    Hi im 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Its ny first pregnancy and its going pretty well apart from running for a wee soo much, lost my appetite, feeling tired all day long!

  • sanaz q

    Hi im 7 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Its ny first pregnancy and its going pretty well apart from running for a wee soo much, lost my appetite, feeling tired all day long!

  • Not2crabbymama

    7 weeks exactly. I`m nick naming this one `hope` my previous two pregnancies were miscarriages, but both at 5 weeks so I`m taking this as a good sign. Have an ultrasound next Tuesday, I can`t wait to see the heartbeat or maybe two!

  • albaNalex

    Today I did a home pregnancy test....`Pregnant 3+` I can not believe it. Can`t wait to confirm it Monday March 3;my birthday!

  • leilaleon97

    7 Weeks Today Plenty Of Fatigue And Nausea For 2 weeks already. This Is My Fourth Pregnancy I have three beautiful little girls already.

  • babyphattek

    Hi I`m 30 yrs old 7 weeks and 5 days and I have some sickness after drinking juice during the afternoons. Its so crazy it happened friday and saturday afternoon. My appetite has calmed down over the last 3 days it was crazy I was eating 2 breakfast 2 lunches lol. Glad its starting to slow down a little. So excited about this pregnancy its going great so far :-)

  • misshaver

    I`m 7 wks and 3days and more sick with this one then I was with my 4yr old son but I`m very very happy

  • Ragavati

    Pregnant with number 4 (my 5th child, someone else had the joy of being pregnant with my daughter. Feeling hyper moody an nauseated often, no vomiting. Tired, boobs have grown and were REALLY sore last week but seem to be mellowing out. Ate beef for the first time in 18 years... cravings much? Very excited.

  • Lisajacks

    I`m 7 weeks and 2 days my 3rd pregnancy, I have severe sickness that started 2 weeks ago it`s 24/7! Didn`t have it so severe with my other 2 daughter now 10 son now 5... Doc has prescribed cyclizine but I`m really worried about taking it doc said it`s safe bit just wondered if any of you lovely mummas out there have had it from 7 weeks and have been ok!! Thank you ladies and congratulations xxxx

  • ShelbyNM

    I`m 38 and 7wks today...momma of 3 absolutely beautiful inside and out girls! They are 16, 15, and 7. This has most definitely been a surprise but we are not in control so enjoying every moment! No sickness but bleeding so off the feet for 2wks! Yuk

  • Kimberley352

    AM 8 weeks today did an ultra sound last week thursday and was 7weeks n 2days then saw his lil heart beating

  • Carrielvn

    I am a mom of 4 this is my #5 im 37 and I have a 5 1/2 month old I didn`t expect to get pregnant so soon.

  • mamu

    I am a mother of 4 and this is my no 5 this one I
    Have been sleeping all day i am 7 weeks.

  • alimax

    Hi all,
    New here seven weeks 2 days and Mummy to Grace 2 already.
    I am just turned 40 and very happy to be pregnant but OMG I have felt terrible past week, sickly and headache but anybody else suffering with extreme tiredness at this stage I want to sleep all the time....not poss wiyh toddler and job.
    Dreading work after Christmas break, def wasn`t like this last time :(

  • kthomas0621

    I think I am 7 weeks and 1 day. I had an ultrasound on Thursday and was able to hear the baby`s heartbeat. It was awesome!

  • momtoboys

    Im seven weeks today and sick as ever

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If you are 7 pregnant your due date is from Monday, 22 March 2021 through Sunday, 28 March 2021.


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    • A boy
    • A multiple birth
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    • I don`t know
    • Not telling you :-)
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