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7 Weeks pregnant

Week 7 starts on day 49 and goes up to day 56. It is your eighth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 1 centimeter / 0.4 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 grams / 0 ozs

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  • Brina77

    @JoannaWal - “I am 7 weeks iam so ...„
    Congrats! We are almost in the same situation. I have 2 boys; 1 16 and 1 6y.o. Hoping this one is a girl :)

  • bell_kris

    Just hit 7 weeks!!!!!!!!!! Im so excited and feel so blessed. I thought this would never happen for me.

  • rayxoxo

    Hey ladies! I am 7 weeks and 1 day and I have an appointment on the 7th of November. I am super excited! :)

  • Indiadiggs3

    Hello everyone , I am 7 weeks 1 days and iam truly blessed this will be my 3rd

  • paulina89

    I will be 7 weeks tommorow with my second baby
    I can`t wait for scan

  • meekspirit00

    Yay! everything went great at my 1st OB appointment today! strong healthy baby`s heartbeat! growing right on target at 7 weeks 4 days! Thank you my Lord for you have truly blessed me, and keeping me and our baby safe. -- Amen

  • meekspirit00

    7 weeks and 3 days today, I am so anxious for my 1st OB appointment 10-21-14.. i hope everything is going great.

  • willoskye

    @alemus - “This is how my baby ...„

  • sm1lerno1

    Feel yuk!

  • JoannaWal

    I am 7 weeks iam so happy, I have 2 sons ( 14 and 8 ) , I want a girl

  • JJE

    I am 7weeks preggy today and I feel so good today. So symptoms yet, though yesterday was aweful. God keep and bless me and my baby. Amen

  • KariW1987

    @hayati - “I have my ultrasound...„
    Stay hopeful and you`re in my prayers. After 3 yrs of believing I could not conceive, God blessed me! This is your season! Believe it honey! God bless!

  • KariW1987

    @JessiLeigh - “Hey all! I am 7 week...„
    Wow! Congrats!! I know you`re excited! Best of luck to you.

  • KariW1987

    I am 7 wks and the morning sickness is terrible!!! I pray this will pass though it is different for everyone. Good luck to you all and God bless :-)

  • JessiLeigh

    Hey all! I am 7 weeks and 3 days pregnant. I went in for an ultrasound over a week ago, heard the babies heartbeat, and found out that we are pregnant with triplets!!! I go this Friday for another ultrasound to make sure all are ok. Hope all is well with everyone of you!

  • hayati

    I have my ultrasound on Friday too! I`m also very excited to hear our baby`s heartbeat! :-) We miscarried in May at 13 weeks so I`m trying to remember to be realistic, but hoping & praying all will go well on Friday, & a healthy heartbeat will be heard <3

  • Angelbabymarie

    Getting my Ultrasound Friday and I am ULTRA excited to see my baby `Yolkie`s` heartbeat. At 7 weeks it feels like 40 weeks is a million miles away

  • Angelbabymarie

    I am 7 weeks on the dot today and having another ultrasound this Friday! All I am praying for is to see the heartbeat flickering. This is my 3rd child. I have a son who is 22, a son who is 13 and a wonderful daughter about to turn 18 this month! Dad is still dazed and I am amazed! Not sure I want a boy or girl but just praying the baby is healthy

  • Angelbabymarie

    And I can`t blame any of my belly on my baby?

  • aneisa 80

    We are 7 weeks pregnant and excited b/c we`ve ttc for 2yrs and tomorrow is our first ultrasound app hoping to see and hear our baby`s heart beat.

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If you are 7 pregnant your due date is from Wednesday, 8 September 2021 through Tuesday, 14 September 2021.

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