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7 Weeks pregnant

Week 7 starts on day 49 and goes up to day 56. It is your eighth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 1 centimeter / 0.4 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 grams / 0 ozs

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  • Belgica1

    7 weeks today... Feeling great! No nausea or anything.

  • Princess Nita

    Im 7 weeks 4 days the morning sickness takes over me can`t wait to get bigger in pregnancy

  • medwards38

    7 weeks 2 days today. Going for ultrasound tomorrow. Smells are the worst right now and I`m already having to unbuckle my pants when driving. Also feeling occasional flutters in lower stomach. Hoping to see my sticky beans heartbeat tomorrow. Wish me luck!

  • Pt

    Bby #3 excited hoping for girl got two boys already fingers cossed

  • ashley5009

    I feel very exhausted fatigue flutters in my tummy. Have 4 other kids under the age of six and I feel very tired emotional crying very thankful for my little ones very much ease knowing they have a little brother or sister coming..they are very comforting baby #5 age 24

  • Elane Smuts

    So excited for #1

  • sheena01

    7Weeks today with baby #2

  • ashley5009

    My fifth pregnancy and I feel more blessed then ever due date Oct 20 Thank God

  • ashley5009

    I feel more bloated then ever, its like when my menstrual was suppose to come on I usually get bloated like 7 days before but it never went down this month..

  • sewintofabric

    Wow am I sick! Baby number 5 and due in October. I`m literally only able to get out of bed to use the bathroom. I have been using vitamin b + unisom for sickness per midwives orders but I`m still sooo sick! Last time I used Zofran but now there are lawsuits against it for birth defects so I won`t use it. All the sickness is worth it but boy I can`t wait to feel good again!

  • sayoddy

    It`s seven weeks already and first pregnancy. For the first time, saw a faint positive today after several negatives both blood and urine.
    Read some women tested positive at 8-10 weeks. will have another hpt in 3 days time and having ultrasound exactly 8 weeks. having Fever, bloating and nausea. All is well, thank You Lord Jesus

  • RCanales

    Going on 8 weeks with baby #6 and I have never been more exhausted in my life. Don`t remember the others being like this. Bummer...

  • neevah

    7wks. Feeling sick, dizziness, fatigue, light headed, nauseous. It`s been 10 years since I had my first child and now I am just so sick like it will be my first one.

  • Topaz123

    oh and such extreme exhuastion, which I had none of that with first pregnancy.
    I want to sleep all day!

  • Topaz123

    2nd pregnancy and have been sooo sick since a week before we found out we were pregnant. I`ve been sick since 4 weeks. I`m 7 weeks 1 day today and on meds to keep the severe nausea at bay and to try and get more hydrated. This is so different then first pregnancy, just had some dry heaves and super smell. This one severe nausea, upset stomach, bad gas, severe bloat, low blood pressure. I`m counting down days til out of this first trimester in hopes it will ease up.

  • Undefinebeauty

    @pregoqueen - “I`m counting down th...„
    I thought i was going crazy.. I feel lil weird movements this is my second child.. Is it normal to feel movement this early? I`m scared I`ll have twins!

  • carmella

    hi. I`ve been having abdominal cramps... bleeding got controlled. my dr suggested to rest as much as possible.

  • pregoqueen

    I`m counting down the days for trimester one to be over lol. I`m 7weeks and 6days. The only good thing is I can feel fluttering.

  • babycantu

    No morning sickness for me. I am really not too hungry as well. The prenatal vitamins are having me blocked up.

  • agziatek

    Me too, 7 weeks 2 days, butlern2410, very tired but happy. It is hard to take care of an older child when in first trimester.

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If you are 7 pregnant your due date is from Tuesday, 5 January 2021 through Monday, 11 January 2021.

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