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7 Weeks pregnant

Week 7 starts on day 49 and goes up to day 56. It is your eighth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 1 centimeter / 0.4 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 grams / 0 ozs

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  • Missm89

    Sorry just see that you had some bleeding. Did your gynae do blood tests on you? This would check if your hcg level is rising? Fingers crossed for you, iv always had to go back for extra scans as been earlier then thought. Hope all goes well for you

  • Missm89

    All of my scans I have been for Iv been earlier then what docs thought, I`m pregnant now and I went for a scan and they couldn`t see anything, I had my bloods done and my levels were rising. I had another scan a week later, and I was only 5 weeks. Docs only go by our last menstrual cycle date, but you nave ovulated later and therefore not be as far along as you thought. I think your doc was a bit insensitive to mention d and c if you`ve had no bleeding or anything. Fingers crossed for you,

  • ekiss

    @sayoddy- thank u so much. My next ultrascan appointment with my gynaecolog is two day from now. He told the last time that if there`s no improvement on the next ultrascan he will carry out dnc on me. All is in the hands of God, let his will be done. Thanks

  • sayoddy

    @ekiss - “Am 7 weeks 5 days pr...„
    I`m ftm also and same thing happened to me. I was supposed to be 9weeks but the scan dated 5weeks 4days. I took the date in faith and was counting from 5weeks 4 days. When it was 12weeks, the heartbeat stopped at 8weeks 1 day so i had to do dnc
    I`m not trying to scare you but you need to follow it up, Ask your doc if you can have progesterone and rest a lot.

  • ekiss

    Am 7 weeks 5 days pregnant, but ultrascan shows am 5 weeks 4 days pregnant as at 6th of this month. Please is this normal. This is my first pregnancy. My gynaecological said the baby is not growing as it should. Before knowing I was pregnant, i was having contant headache, so I went my to our doctor who run a test and said I have tyford and malaria and place me on a three days injection and drugs. Two day after completing the injections, I was still feeling sick, so my sister suggest I go for a pregnancy test which came out positive. At six weeks I started seeing spot of blood. Which has stop but my discharge has a trace of brown like dirty blood on it. I don`t know what is happening right now, am so confuse because my gynaecological said he will remove the pregnancy if there`s no improvement on my next ultrascan which is on 12th of this month. Please somebody talk to me, I need to know what is wrong.

  • favouredy

    Hi evryone,am 7wks and 1 day. Had a little bit of bleeding last wk, waz so scared, Bt ultrascan showed evryfin is alrite with the baby, thank God. So tired and sleepy all d time,am on bed rest for now till ma 1st trimister ends. More strength to all the soon to be moms here.

  • AndreasBump

    I am in my 8th week and I just had my daughter 7 months ago. SO i am pretty overwhelmed at this point

  • gagandeep kaur

    i m 8 week pergant but i m very nervous my on 19 ocut i m worried every thing goes to easy

  • CameioStewartt

    I`m on week seven as well! I`m also praying to make it all the way through this time. I miscarried last October, and went through premature labor at 22 weeks last May. I didn`t know I was pregnant in May, so that should give an idea to my hopefulness. :) good luck to all you soon to be mommies

  • hayhay13

    Almost 8 weeks pregnant! I had a miscarriage last year. Praying to get through the first trimaster.

  • RyanOlivia

    I`m 7 weeks tomorrow. I`m very fatigued, exhausted, always starving but eating enough to feed a horse, my boobs are always so tender and my nipples ache. I`m also so nauseous every morning. That usually lasts until supper time. But starts up again around 3 am. So it seems like I`m always nauseous. I haven`t vomited yet it I feel like I need to a lot. These are all the same symptoms I had with my daughter many years ago. I have 3. 2 boys - 13, & 22. And my daughter is 18. I`m 41. Very excited and never expected this little miracle to happen. I feel like I`m holding my breath for the 2nd trimester.

    To combat my morning sickness recently I found dentyne spearmint gum takes my nausea away almost instantly. But I have to consistently chew it. :( that`s the only downside.

    Yay!! To all the new mommy-to-bes!!!

  • dabba13

    I need some friends that are around the same weeks pregnant as me To get some advice from 7 weeks 6 days ...tomorrow will be 8 weeks ...4 more weeks to go before end of danger zone so they say. Please lord ...No miscarriage again!

  • alexisclarke

    I just found out that I`m 7weeks and 5 days pregnant. Last two weeks terrible morning sickness all day with sore breasts and exhaustion.

  • dabba13

    I am so happy to be pregnant !! Last year me and my husband lost a baby by miscarriage. I feel that this one is a blessing. I am so looking forward to getting passed the first trimester! Pray for me ya`ll!

  • baby627

    @mmccray - “Omg!! I`m confused I...„
    mmccray hello, don`t be confused no symptoms can also be normal. With my son I had not many symptoms at all other than frequent urination and everything went well. Maybe they will kick in later. Try not to worry. Best wishes.

  • mmccray

    Omg!! I`m confused I don`t feel pregnant!!

  • mmccray

    Omg!! I`m confused I don`t feel pregnant!!

  • sayoddy

    it`s 7weeks! Pregnancy symptoms in full force. With this pregnancy symptoms, i can hang on and have ultrasound later in few weeks time when i can see my full grown baby but won`t exceed 1st trimester

  • ieashia80

    I`m very excited today I made 7weeks 1day but I`m not liking how I feel at all I`m really hoping things get better really soon!

  • nicole1982

    Hey I haven`t went to my obgyn yet but I`m trying to figure out why my period was a week late in Jun it suppose to come on Jun 9th but it came on Jun 16th so I found out I am pregnant July 7th but my due date add up to my Jun 9th period n not Jun 16th which is wired to me could I already have been pregnant but pt Tests came out negative thou

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If you are 7 pregnant your due date is from Friday, 3 April 2020 through Thursday, 9 April 2020.


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