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7 Weeks pregnant

Week 7 starts on day 49 and goes up to day 56. It is your eighth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 1 centimeter / 0.4 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 grams / 0 ozs

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  • Missm89

    All of my scans I have been for Iv been earlier then what docs thought, I`m pregnant now and I went for a scan and they couldn`t see anything, I had my bloods done and my levels were rising. I had another scan a week later, and I was only 5 weeks. Docs only go by our last menstrual cycle date, but you nave ovulated later and therefore not be as far along as you thought. I think your doc was a bit insensitive to mention d and c if you`ve had no bleeding or anything. Fingers crossed for you,

  • ekiss

    @sayoddy- thank u so much. My next ultrascan appointment with my gynaecolog is two day from now. He told the last time that if there`s no improvement on the next ultrascan he will carry out dnc on me. All is in the hands of God, let his will be done. Thanks

  • sayoddy

    @ekiss - “Am 7 weeks 5 days pr...„
    I`m ftm also and same thing happened to me. I was supposed to be 9weeks but the scan dated 5weeks 4days. I took the date in faith and was counting from 5weeks 4 days. When it was 12weeks, the heartbeat stopped at 8weeks 1 day so i had to do dnc
    I`m not trying to scare you but you need to follow it up, Ask your doc if you can have progesterone and rest a lot.

  • ekiss

    Am 7 weeks 5 days pregnant, but ultrascan shows am 5 weeks 4 days pregnant as at 6th of this month. Please is this normal. This is my first pregnancy. My gynaecological said the baby is not growing as it should. Before knowing I was pregnant, i was having contant headache, so I went my to our doctor who run a test and said I have tyford and malaria and place me on a three days injection and drugs. Two day after completing the injections, I was still feeling sick, so my sister suggest I go for a pregnancy test which came out positive. At six weeks I started seeing spot of blood. Which has stop but my discharge has a trace of brown like dirty blood on it. I don`t know what is happening right now, am so confuse because my gynaecological said he will remove the pregnancy if there`s no improvement on my next ultrascan which is on 12th of this month. Please somebody talk to me, I need to know what is wrong.

  • favouredy

    Hi evryone,am 7wks and 1 day. Had a little bit of bleeding last wk, waz so scared, Bt ultrascan showed evryfin is alrite with the baby, thank God. So tired and sleepy all d time,am on bed rest for now till ma 1st trimister ends. More strength to all the soon to be moms here.

  • AndreasBump

    I am in my 8th week and I just had my daughter 7 months ago. SO i am pretty overwhelmed at this point

  • gagandeep kaur

    i m 8 week pergant but i m very nervous my on 19 ocut i m worried every thing goes to easy

  • CameioStewartt

    I`m on week seven as well! I`m also praying to make it all the way through this time. I miscarried last October, and went through premature labor at 22 weeks last May. I didn`t know I was pregnant in May, so that should give an idea to my hopefulness. :) good luck to all you soon to be mommies

  • hayhay13

    Almost 8 weeks pregnant! I had a miscarriage last year. Praying to get through the first trimaster.

  • RyanOlivia

    I`m 7 weeks tomorrow. I`m very fatigued, exhausted, always starving but eating enough to feed a horse, my boobs are always so tender and my nipples ache. I`m also so nauseous every morning. That usually lasts until supper time. But starts up again around 3 am. So it seems like I`m always nauseous. I haven`t vomited yet it I feel like I need to a lot. These are all the same symptoms I had with my daughter many years ago. I have 3. 2 boys - 13, & 22. And my daughter is 18. I`m 41. Very excited and never expected this little miracle to happen. I feel like I`m holding my breath for the 2nd trimester.

    To combat my morning sickness recently I found dentyne spearmint gum takes my nausea away almost instantly. But I have to consistently chew it. :( that`s the only downside.

    Yay!! To all the new mommy-to-bes!!!

  • dabba13

    I need some friends that are around the same weeks pregnant as me To get some advice from 7 weeks 6 days ...tomorrow will be 8 weeks ...4 more weeks to go before end of danger zone so they say. Please lord ...No miscarriage again!

  • alexisclarke

    I just found out that I`m 7weeks and 5 days pregnant. Last two weeks terrible morning sickness all day with sore breasts and exhaustion.

  • dabba13

    I am so happy to be pregnant !! Last year me and my husband lost a baby by miscarriage. I feel that this one is a blessing. I am so looking forward to getting passed the first trimester! Pray for me ya`ll!

  • baby627

    @mmccray - “Omg!! I`m confused I...„
    mmccray hello, don`t be confused no symptoms can also be normal. With my son I had not many symptoms at all other than frequent urination and everything went well. Maybe they will kick in later. Try not to worry. Best wishes.

  • mmccray

    Omg!! I`m confused I don`t feel pregnant!!

  • mmccray

    Omg!! I`m confused I don`t feel pregnant!!

  • sayoddy

    it`s 7weeks! Pregnancy symptoms in full force. With this pregnancy symptoms, i can hang on and have ultrasound later in few weeks time when i can see my full grown baby but won`t exceed 1st trimester

  • ieashia80

    I`m very excited today I made 7weeks 1day but I`m not liking how I feel at all I`m really hoping things get better really soon!

  • nicole1982

    Hey I haven`t went to my obgyn yet but I`m trying to figure out why my period was a week late in Jun it suppose to come on Jun 9th but it came on Jun 16th so I found out I am pregnant July 7th but my due date add up to my Jun 9th period n not Jun 16th which is wired to me could I already have been pregnant but pt Tests came out negative thou

  • Gousia jafar

    I am 7 week pregnanat i noticed a little bleed today wen i went to washroom , am very scare please help me .. is it anything wrong???

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If you are 7 pregnant your due date is from Saturday, 9 January 2021 through Friday, 15 January 2021.

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