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7 Weeks pregnant

Week 7 starts on day 49 and goes up to day 56. It is your eighth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 1 centimeter / 0.4 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 grams / 0 ozs

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  • mummy to be

    this week i have been so tired and mooddy also morning sickness is really bad my due date is may 1st and my first child

  • razmom81

    I had a miscarraige 7 weeks ago and am now curently 4 weeks 2 days pregnant. Last time i had sever cramping that stuck around until the day i miscarried. This time i had cramping probably around implantation but other than that i`v been fine, to fine if you ask me! But than again its probably just my nerves. Im so scaredi have`nt even called my doctor yet. But listening to you ladys has gave me hope i am now ready to call my doctor pray for me ladys!

  • brittanyd

    Im 7 weeks and 5 days with baby number two !!! Nothing like my first pregancy i feel sick throught out the day but dont throw up as to my first pregnacy was so peaceful but it could be worst i guess. Im just super excited cant wait to hear the heartbeat !!! God bless you all !!!

  • 1GirlAndOneOnTheWay

    Hello Week #7 ! Hope everyone is feeling as well as possible <3 My first pregnancy, almost 10 years ago, I was sick morning noon and night ! I couldn`t keep anything down.. This pregnancy i`m just queasy all day long in and out. I went for my first TV ultrasound yesterday . I saw and heard my babys heartbeat and I forgot what an amazing feeling it is ! I melted =)

  • ChristinaLynn

    I am 7 weeks and 1 day today! :) The time is going by soo slow and my ultrasound and 1st OBGYN Appt isn`t until Aug. 29th. I spotted this past thurs night pink and it scared me so bad, but after reading up on it it`s normal as long as it doesn`t get worse. The article I read said around 7 weeks is when the placenta burroughs deeper which is a good thing but a small blood vessel could burst causing the pink. I never spotted with either of my other pregnancies.

  • vicky1987

    im 7 weeks and 4days had a scan done when I was 6 weeks and seen heart beat midwife app 5/09/2013 hopefully heart beat will be heard

  • baby2bp

    im 7 weeks and 4 days today 82013 228 days to go my first obgyn check up is september5 so excited and nervous baby#2

  • lgreen

    Cant wait to get passsed week 12

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If you are 7 pregnant your due date is from Saturday, 8 May 2021 through Friday, 14 May 2021.


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