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7 Weeks pregnant

Week 7 starts on day 49 and goes up to day 56. It is your eighth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 1 centimeter / 0.4 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 grams / 0 ozs

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  • Grateful

    I am so excited. Did a scan at 6wks 5days,saw the heart beat. Waiting for 8wks5days for another appointment. Now 7 weeks... keeping the faith, it is our first, been trying for 3yrs

  • Eddie

    @razmom81 - “I had a miscarraige ...„
    You`re in my thoughts. Hope it`s all great news

  • Eddie

    I`m 7 weeks but no dating scan yet. Had a blight ovum last pregnancy, which means empty sac no baby some syptoms of tiredness but felt fine no nausea. This time feeling very nauseous, sore boobs, my tummy fells bloated and looks it too.
    Taking it day by day until my dating scan. Hope there is a little one inside this time.

  • F U C K Y O U

    chucking every day arghh

  • mscalei

    I`m seven weeks pregnant. no morning sickness tho.Very excited but scared at the same time. First baby cant wait for my appointment.

  • erika123

    im 7 weeks with my first baby not so sick tho al i have is nausea all freaking day and i beeen having back ackes in the middle of my back and i been having like rib cramps like under my ribs but thats it other then that im soo excited to be having a baby i heard thew heart beat the day i found out i was pregnant it sounded so cool and my baby looks soo lil like a lil peanut i love him or her all ready cant wait till nov12 ill be 12 wks and ill be able to see the baby alot better with his or hers lil arms and legs im soo excited

  • babybailey

    At 7 weeks now and i seem to be sick every morning always half an hour aftr my prenatal vitamins`, wonder if there is a connection? Really tired though and my breastackles are just so sore. I don`t think i had this last time. Finding long shifts hard. Everyone keeps saying that i am glowing though funny i don`t feel it. If only they knew ha ha.

  • hotmomma0612

    7 weeks today with baby #2, so excited!

  • BabyFontenot3

    7 weeks today:) Feeling to see a heartbeat at 6 wks 2 days. Best sound in the world!

  • chea

    New to here pregnant w my 3rd my blood level came bk last week as 32.2 how far along am i ?

  • GhemiahG

    I`m due May 15th & still no morning sickness .. All I have is backaches , slight cramping , leg cramps , slight headaches , some stomach tightness , my nipples tingle at times , a little shortness of breath , some fatigue & my va-jay hurts lol & I have the `common cold` lol but nothing else .. Maybe I just haven`t experienced it yet but hopefully I don`t at all lol .. But I love my little one

  • nichole smith

    I`m Seven weeks and sick most of the day! Boobs hurt. And are bigger already. My SO is happy about that. Had some spotting a week ago, only once more since then. First pregnancy so I scared!

  • Zenla

    7 weeks no morning sickness at all but my nose bleeds lots :(

  • jfranklin

    Hi ladies - I am approximately 7 weeks with our first! Feeling good for the most part; tired in the afternoons and slight headaches. Due date would be May 15!

  • ruthiebabie

    @zombiematthews - “7 weeks and 1 day to...„
    Best of luck to you xx

  • Jordyrob

    Hay ladies I`m 7weeks today baby due on the 12th may :)

  • zombiematthews

    7 weeks and 1 day today. Due may 4th. Husband is deployed to Afgahnistan right now, fingers crossed he will be back in time for the birth.

  • suzana

    hey ladies, i`m not so sure bout my pregnancy but if i calculate from my first day of last period now it should be 8 weeks of pregnancy. Last Saturday (14/9/13) i did a pregnancy test and it show 1 line and another line bit blur. but i have a few symptoms which after i read many blog its really a pregnancy symptoms which i had a breast pain, abdomen cramp, on and off fever.. i am waiting for nx weekend to make another test but just try not to put high hope on the symptoms..

  • KayD

    mine is may 3rd :) first baby... type 1 diabetes to boot so its rough.... super moody.. sick.. get me to my 2nd trimester please!!

  • pooneh

    we are the same in pregnancy age... my due date is also May 1st... did you hear you baby`s heart beat?

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If you are 7 pregnant your due date is from Friday, 26 March 2021 through Thursday, 1 April 2021.

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