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7 Weeks pregnant

Week 7 starts on day 49 and goes up to day 56. It is your eighth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 1 centimeter / 0.4 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 grams / 0 ozs

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  • MzTrina7

    I am 7 weeks and 5 days today! I feel the same way..SICK! but yes hopefully this too shall pass

  • johnsosh

    7 weeks today!!! Very excited and sick! Hope this pass after the first trimester. See the Dr. Thursday and can`t wait to see my little bean.

  • catosbm2k14

    I`m 7 weeks and 3 days I`ve had two ultrasounds and my jelly bean is looking good I had a little bleeding that scared me so my Dr. Made sure she checked everything and were fine. I`m constipated and got an hemorrhoid but I`m thankful...

  • ancunn79

    7 week today for me occurding to LMP but my HCG levels are high. So I could be anywhere from 7-10 weeks! Going to Dr Dec 5 for 1st US and get measurments to verify due date! 2nd baby YAY!!

  • sarasmom30

    I am 33 I have one other child who is 9. This pregnancy compared to her is also total opposite... This one is much harder. I went in for my second dating ultra sound (first one only saw a sack this one is 10 days later) and happy to say that not only was our little blob on the radar but saw and heard the heart beat! Baby is measuring 6 weeks 6 days :)

  • sarasmom30

    smiler you can continue since it is normal but if your body tells you to slow down just slow down. If your skinny you will notice before someone like myself who has some fluff will notice. I too have been very gassy it is so embarrasing thank goodness my husband knows that is not normal for me!

  • happymomma

    7 Wks today :D one more week and i will be able to see and hear my babies heartbeat on an ultrasound yaaay can`t wait for my first appointment

  • Smiler

    Hi everyone all new to this & 1st baby on the way at 39 ... 7 weeks & itz been long awaited happy news .. I`m confused as what too do ! My partner has not told his parents ( but they will b delighted, fearful is reason for delay ) I would appreciate advice on safe exercise .. I spin 4 times a week & cycle at weekends but I`m not sure what is right !! Gp not available until 20th .. I read itz ok if ur used to doing exercise but not to start something new ! I know I`m only 7 weeks but clothes r getting tight !! Is that normal at this stage ? Belt open button open & gassy ass !! So classy lol

  • Mommymoment

    @bangle kara - “I am 7 weeks pregnan...„
    Well cramping is completely normal I heard it just your uterus contracting to make room for the growing baby. Tho you might ask why so much room for a baby whose only the size of a blueberry but I been have cramping since I was 6 weeks and the dr reassured me I`m fine. If your still concerned talk to your dr hope this helped.

  • Mommymoment

    7weeks and 2days today!!! I feel like it`s not going fast enough lol this is my second child and my pregnancies have been polar opposite. Like day and night. I`m more emotional and having some abdominal pain. And I`m only 7weeks so who knows what the future holds lol

  • bangle kara

    I am 7 weeks pregnant and yesterday I experienced some brownish spotting it went away and today I`m cramping has this happened to anyone and if so is there reason for worry? Your feed back is greatly appreciated! :0)

  • oliviamarie91

    7 weeks today!! No morning sickness but i am feeling really nauseated and i pee all the time it`s so annoying i feel like I`m in the third trimester already! My mood swings aren`t so bad anymore. My boobs still hurt. Can`t wait to see my baby again at my next ultrasound and hear the heartbeat!!

  • Klfsfm

    7 weeks. Been freaking out throwin up everything mamakate101 said

  • teagurl24

    7 Weeks Pregnant Morning Sickness Have Not Thrown Up , Mood Swings Are Bad

  • mamakate101

    I am 7 weeks, feeling very nauseous off and on all day long, crying over things I normally wouldn`t and breaking out with ache. My smell is heightened so a lot of smells are also turning my stomach, fun stuff -_-

  • natalieadams

    7weeks, no sickness which makes me a little jumpy as most of my friends have been sick as dogs. This is my first baby so happy and freaking out at the same time

  • KristinePunzalan

    @mommymay Thank`s for the advice. :) Hay. Im hoping that this is it. We`ve been waiting for it for a very long time. Thank`s again.

  • mommymay

    @KristinePunzalan, *any* bleeding that occurs during a time you believe you`re pregnant should be reported your doctor or OB/GYN immediately, just to stay on the safe side. :) Good luck :)

  • KristinePunzalan

    I don`t know what it is. But I have brown blood which has been running about a week. I still dont have my period? Am i preggy? or is it a false alarm? Help please.

  • Grateful

    I am so excited. Did a scan at 6wks 5days,saw the heart beat. Waiting for 8wks5days for another appointment. Now 7 weeks... keeping the faith, it is our first, been trying for 3yrs

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If you are 7 pregnant your due date is from Wednesday, 5 May 2021 through Tuesday, 11 May 2021.


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