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5 Weeks pregnant

Week 5 starts on day 35 and goes up to day 42. It is your sixth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 2 millimeter / 0.08 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 grams / 0 ozs

Your pregnancy at 5 weeks 


What's happening with mum

You will probably be feeling much the same as last week although the ever increasing amounts of hormones in your body may mean you have more frequent or more painful headaches and may feel more tired than usual. You might also find the need to urinate more frequently. Although morning sickness and general nausea usually appears later the changes in your body, you may experience mild symptoms now. 

It is important you get a lot of rest even this early on and if you feel anxious or apprehensive about the coming few months you should always consult your doctor or midwife. 


What's happening with baby

While every week is important for your developing fetus this week sees many changes taking place. The development of the heart and circulatory sytem has begun and the neural tube which will form the basis for the brain, nerves, spine and spinal cord is also beginning to appear. Tiny buds which will leater form arms and legs are also developing. At around 2mm your baby can now be seen with the naked eye.


The Practicalities

As well as looking after yourself, eating healthy  and drinking plenty of water to make up for the extra urine loss, you should also try to avoid coming into contact with anything that might contain parasites or bacteria. You may have heard of toxoplasmosis which is a parasite harmful to your baby and in extreme cases can cause miscarriage. It is best, especially for the first few months if you refrain from eating cured, undercooked or raw meat, drinking or eating unpasteurised milk and associated products and get someone else to empty and clean your cat's litter box as toxoplasmosis is abundant in cat poo.


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  • xtina88

    feeling somewhat nervous symptoms seem to be going away had a missed mc last year but been ready alot on line that this happens alot during first trimester doc visit isnt until im 8 weeks so fingers xx

  • Mish

    Hi..congrats on your pregnancy. I am a little nervous as well. I had my first missed miscarriage in April of this year and had to get D&C. We found out we were pregnant on Friday and my doctor checked my levels a s everything was ok. I went back today to redo to see if the number are increasing. I will get the results tomorrow. I am a bit nervous.

  • Blondiemom84

    Hi ladies! This is my 9th pregnancy, (1 was mc) and I found out 8 days ago about this Lil peep. I'm excited as we really want a boy! We only have 1 boy right now, and he's the eldest! I haven't even told hubby yet. He's gonna be so excited but I'm waiting for the right time and place to tell him.! Looking forward to reading comments from all you mommies in the coming months! Congrats all!!

  • KarenOC

    I’m 41yo. This is my 4th baby. Last one was 13 years ago. My HCG levels measuring at 9486! Waiting to hear when they will book me for an ultrasound. My partner and kids are all excited.

  • Tammie

    Tired and always feeling sick worse part is fact i cant through up

  • Lolo85

    This is my second pregnancy. Just found out about a week ago. At approx. 5wks I had HCG levels around 311.

  • Nekanek69

    This is my first baby im excited

  • lilshorty

    this is my first baby so I`m a new mom at this

  • monaliza

    @Princessjojo - “I am 5 weeks today.....„
    Always think positive. Praying for the best for you

  • abigaillvsandrew

    @smm1987 - “This is my fourth ba...„
    This is my fourth too, and I feel the same way!!

  • abigaillvsandrew

    @Ashkash - “Is anyone experienci...„
    I need to try this...

  • Ashkash

    Is anyone experiencing morning sickness? Magnesium oil rubbed on the bottom of your feet will take it away instantly!!! I am 8 weeks a long now and I am so grateful to know about this all natural cure. I haven`t had morning sickness this severe with my first three pregnancies. This has been a life saver!!!

  • smm1987

    This is my fourth baby and I`m exited as if it was the first ??

  • carahumlan

    I had a strange period in June for 2 days my period is regular and it`s about 4 days and heavy. It was early now in Juli 3 days and it was very little and rosty color do I suppose it was not my period... I`m so tired, hungry in things that I didn`t like before, I feel nausea and hot. I have 2 kids 09` and 06 so it`s like starting over again, I`m so happy , it`s in god`s hands

  • jmbaby11

    Has anyone had a period or bled when they first got a pos test? I have regular cycles but in June my period came a week early, then July i bled 5 days earlier then June. I took a test July 1st but came back neg. I took 4 tests starting July 15th till today and all pos real quick. Dr apt tomorrow. I`m confused how far along I am.

  • Sevenreally

    This is my 7th pregnancy and am thrilled to be so lucky to conceive at almost 39 years of age. I am 5 almost 6 weeks pregnant and looking forward to having a scan to confirm and see my little sweetheart.

  • Princessjojo

    I am 5 weeks today...I am 40 yrs old and suffered a miscarriage in Feb...I am freaking out a little as I`m so worried it`s going to happen again :(

  • Lyndsy lou

    5 weeks today with my Rainbow baby! I`m so very excited and nervous. Praying for a healthy baby and pregnancy.

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Members in week 5

If you are 5 pregnant your due date is from Monday, 15 July 2019 through Sunday, 21 July 2019.

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