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40 Weeks pregnant

Week 40 starts on day 280 and goes up to day 287. It is your forty-first pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 50 centimeter / 19.7 inches
Weight of your baby: 3400 grams / 7 lbs 8 ozs

Your pregnancy at 40 weeks 


What's happening with mum 

So this is it. If you have accurately calculated everything and baby is running to schedule then congratulations will soon be in order as this is the day your little one will make an appearance, although....not necessarily. Recent statistics have shown that only 1 in 30 women actually give birth on their due date but this is also dependent on a number of factors such as age and whether or not this is your first pregnancy.

If you do experience your water breaking or tightening pains in your tummy resembling period cramps occuring regularly, it is advisable to take note of just how regular these pains occur. Contractions usually begin light and over time become heavier and more regular as your cervix muscles contract and relax to push your baby into the world.

Arrival times also vary from woman to woman and some labours last a lot longer than others. Relaxing and listening to the advice of your midwife who has had plenty of experience in this area, should help put you at ease, making the birth of your child a pleasant and life changing experience.


What's happening with baby

Baby should be getting impatient now, his head should be pressing heavily into your pelvis, crown at the door of your cervix, eager to be born.

He will still be receiving nutrients and nourishment via the placenta which has been providing him with the antibodies required to fight off infection. Once this chord between you has been severed, colostrum, the first milk your breasts produce will continue to provide him with antibodies to boost his immune system for the first few days.

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  • Dhessery

    41 weeks pregnant but still no baby...i had already lost my mucus plug last march 29...My due date is March 27...what should i so stress and cant sleep well...

  • olabisi

    Wao Waooooooooooo what a wonderful experience, my baby arrived safe and healthy last week Thursday. Congratulations to Us

  • Rocella

    40 weeks .. still no sign of himinginging

  • Mommy~Kodah

  • Mommy~Kodah

    Getting closer everyday... finally in the home stretch. :)

  • madiix

    3days over dueeeee :( .. I was two weeks with my 1st child I thought the second came quicker !!

  • sayoddy

    40weeks landmark! waiting for 5 more days to do something

  • rika82

    @rika82 - “...„
    Due date was today Oct 24th with no baby no labor not even a real contraction Dr is planning to induce me on Halloween so back to work I go

  • Jaylar3

    Had my baby girl on Sept. 8, my birthday! Baby girl was 8lbs 7oz. It`s been a journey but I love her more and more everyday.

  • mamaboy1

    I`m happy for you Sind , we had a very long joyful and tough journey, we thank God because we finally made it, enjoy and keep well with your beautiful baby girl

  • Sind

    Had baby girl on august 29!!!!!So blessed and happy tha both of us r fine and healthy... it is such a great Blessing im so in love wit her

  • laina89

    Today is my due date and still no baby just waiting on her have addoctor appointment today also so hopefully I hear good news and she will be here with in a few days

  • CarolynB

    Annnd my due date is here......Anytime little guy.....really...anytime would be great.....Mommy and daddy can`t wait to hold you!

  • erica jerkins

    I am 40weeks and 5days still waiting is there any I can do to speed the process up.

  • pearla

    I am 40 weeks 4days and still waiting for my 3rd baby.I am so tired.Any advice?????

  • ssss1

    40+1 today. Please come out now. Im so done with this pregnancy an i just want my baby in my arms..

  • vanhi

    had my lil princess on the 4th of august

  • anam_asad

    Got my little fairy on the 20th of July. 39 weeks. After 29 hours of my water broke.

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If you are 40 pregnant your due date is from Friday, 13 May 2022 through Thursday, 19 May 2022.

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