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39 Weeks pregnant

Week 39 starts on day 273 and goes up to day 280. It is your fortieth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 49 centimeter / 19.3 inches
Weight of your baby: 3300 grams / 7 lbs 4 ozs

Your pregnancy at 39 weeks 


What's happening with mum 

Mum is waiting patiently for a sign or signs that labour is beginning. One of these signs is what they call "the water's breaking". This is a term used for the rupture of the fluid-filled membranous sac called the amniotic sac which has enclosed your baby in the womb. 

Although in movies this tends to happen in a gush, it is also possible for your to slowly leak fluid as their may be only a small hole in the sac or your baby's head plugging your cervix allows only a trickle to leak out a time.

Unlike urine, amniotic fluid is usually colorless and odorless and has a sweeter smell, may contain some bloody flecks or whitish flecks of mucus. 

All women are different and while some women find their water's break before labour, most of the time this happens when contractions have already begun.


What's happening with baby

Babies on average at week 39 weigh 7 to 8lbs and are 19 inches long. Although there are few physical changes from last week, except fat deposit, internal changes continue in ernest. Brain continues to develop, organs and systems practice and prepare for after delivery.

Your baby's skin should now be pink and smooth as the lanugo will be shed most likely before birth, although some babies retain a small amount and the vernix, the soft white cheese like substance will also be shed.

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  • Blackrose

    All Im saying is God is good all the time.. At 38 weeks on the 26 August 2019 14:22 The Almighty trusted me once again by blessing me with a baby boy...

  • optimist


  • Queen83

    I was warded because at clinin dr realised that I was 3cm...That was 3 days ago I was 38/4dys!!! They mentioned that I`m in early labour...I had a membrane sweep done yesterday,started getting pain but not as hot as it suppose to be (but painful)Today I am 39wks,Am I gonna have my baby anytime soon??? Honestly my patience is running thin....My EDD is 9/9/17


    Have my baby on june 5 2017 in im excited schedule c section

  • ShellyBelly

    8 days left

  • Mommy~Kodah

    I am getting closer and closer everyday. I am so excited... C you soon, my boy... I love u and I pray that u r born healthy and happy... :)

  • Shaquiller25

    Im due on the 19th of dis month im so excided cant wait to welcome my baby girl to dis world thank god for blessing me with both of my girls wouldnt trade them in for nun in dis world yes 4 more days to go

  • MrsWoke

  • DeeNice

    Home stretch!! 2 days to

  • Amandah

    7 more days!!!!!!!

  • madiix

    Two days left !!!!!

  • sayoddy

    39 weeks according to lmp but scan dates me differently. 3/20, 3/15, 3/10 and 2/26 respectively. Only the last has passed and the plus 2weeks will end on friday. I don`t know which one to follow. My lmp is June 13 2015. All I pray is safe delivery

  • randesha

    Still no baby

  • Brooklynn1976

    I have five days to go i want this over with already how do I start labor some body plz help me I am dilated one centimeter an my back and legs hurt so bad plz help me

  • Brooklynn1976

    I am 39 weeks an 1 day today and I am only 1 centimeter dilated and my cervix are still thicken how do I start labor at this stage.

  • H011yhart

    Due date is here. Almost over. I think she is going to stay a little longer.Im okay with it as long as she is okay.Though I know shes getting cramped,she is still moving.

  • tresa

    Its after due date, No baby

  • jaszmine_million

    Due date is tomorrow

  • tresa

    Final week ready to meet our princess

  • quita1021

    @jazyjp - “im 39 weeks on frida...„
    Funny my sis is having a c section on my due date as well. Oct 27

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Members in week 39

If you are 39 pregnant your due date is from Monday, 18 October 2021 through Sunday, 24 October 2021.

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