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36 Weeks pregnant

Week 36 starts on day 252 and goes up to day 259. It is your thirty-seventh pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 45 centimeter / 17.7 inches
Weight of your baby: 2900 grams / 6 lbs 6 ozs

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  • pinkjess

    Omg I cant believe it you guys. My first 36 weeks tomorrow. I cant wait for my baby shower on the 18th....ive been dying for it. So bored lately. Still so far my pregnancy been pretty easy only major was when I got puppp which is actually gone away thank cutie due date is February 10/2014. No fake or real contractions yet. Every time o look up or ask people what does it feel like they all give me same answer which they tell me it feels like cramps on my cycle BUT I NEVER HAD CRAMPS SO THANKS FOR NO HELP!!!

  • MillerBaby2016

    So excited for this weekend we have our baby shower today and also Getting our Maternity photos done. Baby Girl is almost here and we can`t wait to meet our little Princess, 28 more days or less to go!!!

  • lexi

    28 days to go!

  • 2ndtimer

    @caregu - “36 weeks! Hooray!! G...„
    That`s great! All the best Caregu

  • 2ndtimer

    Definately great to be in week 36...I am feeling oh so tired! I have not been experiencing any nesting feelings at all...Will give it another week to see if that changes. I am totally looking forward to seeing our beautiful little girl. Everyone is excited we are grateful to God for His continued blessings...Finishing strong ladies, January is basically here!

  • caregu

    36 weeks! Hooray!! Getting so close to meeting my little girl. I can`t wait. I made it back from Disneyland but it was hard getting around. Glad to b home! :)

  • Rettashine

    This is my first too and i cant wait to hold my little boy. I`m am also experiencing a lot of pressure. It is hard to walk but hello . It`s Christmas so decorating And all that kinda stuff pushes me to get moving. I seem to be fine once I`m up but to get up out of bed in the morning is the worst.

  • 1felicia

    I am 36 weeks and 5 days today and I have been experiencing a lot of pressure which makes it hard for me to move around and I hate not being immobile!!!!! My princess is doing GREAT and I am sooooo ready to hold her in my arms! I am excited and anxious at the same time. I find my self praying that my water breaks do i can have her. My DD is December 26th but I can`t wait that long!!!!! Time seems to be crawling by for me bit I am hanging in there and when the time comes I am going to be the HAPPIEST MOMMY IN THE WORLD!!!!! So to all the mommies that has given birth to their ANGELS.....CONGRATULATIONS and for all of the mommies that`s still waiting..... We are almost there!!!! HAPPY MOMMY HOOD TO ONE AND ALL AND ENJOY THE HOLIDAYS AS WELL!!!!!

  • Ladyg89

    Im so nervous this is my first baby and its a girl...ive had compilcations with here every since she was 4mths n the womb. im nw 8.2 months preg. 36weekz... i had surgery on my cervix at four months theyve placed a stitch nside me to sew my cervix up. nt its been almost 5 months and shes doin well thank the lord nw im just waitn til she make her last round.

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Members in week 36

If you are 36 pregnant your due date is from Wednesday, 12 May 2021 through Tuesday, 18 May 2021.

  • 5/18 Whitney88

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