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36 Weeks pregnant

Week 36 starts on day 252 and goes up to day 259. It is your thirty-seventh pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 45 centimeter / 17.7 inches
Weight of your baby: 2900 grams / 6 lbs 6 ozs

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  • Marjangdrz

    @lilmomma040914 - “36 and 2, just waiti...„
    I know tell me abaout it

  • Marjangdrz

    I can`t wait to see my little Honey bee! One more month my love and we`ll get to meet face to face... <3<3<3

  • darkk phanntom

  • darkk phanntom

    Can wait to meet my baby :)

  • lilmomma040914

    36 and 2, just waiting. I`m so tired and excited. Can`t wait to meet my little angel.

  • candymelt

    I have been scheduled for my c section and I`m super excited to meet my son!

  • miller290

    Well i go have my little man tomorrow can`t wait to see what he look like

  • jennymia52

    36 weeks pregnant as of today, and I am so exhausted.. need sleep now, and it seems like I will never have a vacation considering I work 5 days a week, and going to do errands on my days off...need an actual vacation.

  • candymelt

    My husband and I are very excited to meet our little boy! This is my second and last pregnancy, if the Lord says the same. We have our 4 yr old princess and soon we`ll have our son!

  • sheenab

    36 weeks n am all ready for the big day

  • shanay25

    Can`t wait they tell me my baby girl is ready to come so they gave me two more weeks it feels like forever I`m starting to feel very sick to my its stomach I feel really bad hope it gets better

  • samanthaa18

    36 today :) , 28 more days to go .

  • mstiffany

    im 36 weeks today. im so ready!!! very excited to meet my baby boy. sooooo anxious

  • samantha chavarria

    Wow time is going by so fast cant believe im already 36 weeks my other 3 girls cant wait to meet there baby sister

  • Jaynee

    36 weeks today!!! almost done! I`m panting & crawling on hands & knees to that finish line..but almost done! See you soon Maddison!!

  • pinkjess

    Thanks Emma millan. ....its 4:11am here right now and still cant sleep at night....I got a baby shower today and im gonna be super tired cuz of no sleep.but o well...23 days left to go (hopefully)

  • dontblink178

    36 weeks! This has been a pretty easy pregnancy, but I`m so done with being pregnant. Let`s speed things up Emma! <3

  • MillerBaby2016

    @lexi - “Well good luck ladie...„
    Good luck to you too!!

  • lexi

    Well good luck ladies I won`t be in this week or any other week any more as Harley decided he`d make an early appearance xx

  • emma millan

    Pinkjess, early labour pains kinda feel like mild burning sensations in your lower abdomen along with contractions, they will become more intense and frequent as you progress,first time is so exciting! Good luck : )

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Members in week 36

If you are 36 pregnant your due date is from Wednesday, 12 May 2021 through Tuesday, 18 May 2021.

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