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36 Weeks pregnant

Week 36 starts on day 252 and goes up to day 259. It is your thirty-seventh pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 45 centimeter / 17.7 inches
Weight of your baby: 2900 grams / 6 lbs 6 ozs

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  • Tanoor4tr

    I am expeting to baby what is the sootable date for operate.

  • Dede510

    I am 36 weeks and 2 days. I`m excited to see my little guy plus these Braxton hicks are not letting up! I look toward to getting this part over with

  • taylorboo

    I am 36 weeks nd 2 days !!. Can`t wait for my son to come out ..

  • kmaselela

    This boy he is growing fast 2.6 KG yoh still a month to go and He is already this big.

  • MissRochelle

    36weeks and 5 days!!!Come out baby Jordyn Lynn

  • rika82

    36 weeks and 4 days don`t think I`m gonna make it til the 24th we all waiting on you Jordan

  • ashley5009

    37 weeks Friday I go in for a c-section God be with me love you gals n congrats!

  • tresa

    36&1day +-27 days to go. Almar mom cant wait to meet,kc and hug u.

  • Princess Nita

    36 weeks today

  • prettyflower38

    36 weeks today. Can wait to meet baby Bella

  • engee927

    36weeks tomorrow. It feels like days are crawling by!!!! Can`t wait to hold my son.

  • virgilyab86

    Im finally 36 weeks. We made to our goal week. Im so excited my little prince is on his way.

  • shanue81

    I am 36 & 3days, I am already at ward pass 5 days ago due to my low lying plasenta stage 2-3.I`m expected to gv birth when I complete 38weeks. Or unless I have bleeding I will need to go for emergency c-section. I am juz praying that I complete 38 weeks to see my son.

  • sind

    Everything is going great wit baby and i. jus need her to turn down into position..cant wait to hold u in my arms and kiss u..God please be by our side and let our deliveries go ready to have my baby girl

  • mamaboy

    28 more days to go

  • mamaboy

    36 weeks tomorrow, starting my 9th month and heartburn is killing me at night, we are almost done my baby, I wish you could come at 38 weeks -39. Because I`m still going to work and we are 300km away from home and we still need to travel back home, my wish is to start my maternity leave at 37 weeks 3 days

  • dollhex

    36.3 Never been so misserable in all my life, 14 day migraine, spinal cord pain and pressure, extreme weakness and vertigo anytime I move. I AM unable to take care of my two year old and 10 month old. I hate this pregnancy HATE IT.

  • mommytay

    36.4 days pregnant with twins I`m so excited and have felt very different this week and I`m happy to reach 36 weeks we made it to our `Goal week`.

  • jbmom4

    well 36 weeks tomorrow and i`m overly excited to meet my 4th boy lol we are ready bags have been packed and we are very anxious i have a feeling he will be here within my 37th week all my boys were born at 37 weeks all for different reasons i guess i`m kinda really hoping he is too lol i am sooooo impatient tho i just cant wait!!

  • nikitahb

    36.2 Days... yippieeeee...... started feeling cramps n according to doc the D day is on the way...

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If you are 36 pregnant your due date is from Wednesday, 12 May 2021 through Tuesday, 18 May 2021.

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