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36 Weeks pregnant

Week 36 starts on day 252 and goes up to day 259. It is your thirty-seventh pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 45 centimeter / 17.7 inches
Weight of your baby: 2900 grams / 6 lbs 6 ozs

Your pregnancy at 36 weeks 


What's happening with mum 

Now, in your last month of pregnancy things are really starting to get exciting and you may find yourself with extra energy and adrenaline. This is common at later stages of pregnancy and can be as a result of what some experts call "nesting instinct". This involves increased activity as you try to prepare everything for the imminent arrival of your baby.

You might also notice your walk has changed and you resemble a penguin more as you waddle your way around the house. This is due to the softening of the connective tissues, making the lower part of the spine looser and more unstable. As the inside of your pelvis tilts this causes your stance to widen, accentuating the waddle effect.

What's happening with baby



Your baby should now weigh 5 to 6lbs and will continue to grow steadily. Although most of the systems are up and running, such as the immune system which fights off infection and the blood circulatory system,  it wont be until a year or more after birth that the digestive system will be mature. While in the womb the umbilical cord has provided the baby with it's nutritional needs, after birth the digestive system will be used and maturity will come with experience.


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  • Nishaknapp

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  • sayoddy

    Thank you Lord. I am heavy. With catarrh, I cant breath

  • optimist

    cant wait to meet my sunshine 36 wks already.
    tnx 2 GOD

  • Lyndsy-Lou

    3-4 weeks hopefully until I meet my little rainbow! My daughter is so overly excited to meet her baby brother and we can`t wait to meet him too!

  • Amanda Smith

    That`s it my last 4 weeks of being pregnant cunt wait to meet my little rainbow baby boy

  • Mayraloaiza

    @madeintexas806 - “I delivered. 36 and ...„
    Did he stayed in the NICU


    Im excited to meet my son 3 weeks to go but thats because im having another c-section hopefully

  • CassieNicole

    Finally down 4wweeks

  • ShellyBelly

    I`m so over being pregnant!! inging

  • madeintexas806

    I delivered. 36 and 4. She weighed 5.5.

  • buster469

    Can`t wait for my munchkin to be here! 36.1 today! Not too much longer! Yeah!

  • Amandah

    Ok I`m so ready for this child to come I can`t wait to j old her precious little self only 20 more days

  • Jessieg

    Feeling so conflicted.... This will be my last pregnancy so I`m not ready for this chapter in my life to be over but I`m so ready to hold my little girl in my arms! 22 more days and she`ll be here!

  • KaidenBarnes16

    I`m so`s almost time. I can`t wait to meet my little Prince Kaiden

  • GiannaC

    I`m so excited to meet my son! Due July 4th

  • momtobeoftwo

    36 weeks finally can`t wait to get this all over with. I will finally I mean finally be holding my baby boy in my arms. This pregnancy seems like it took forever for me to be half way through with it I can`t wait to be. I can`t wait another day to meet my baby. Counting down the days 28 more to go

  • Rhijarvie

    @dabba13 - “Yay 36 weeks god is ...„

  • Xaina

    Its 37 weeks....only few days are left......???? Exited to see him/her.....

  • Annie97

    @sayoddy - “Thank God for seeing...„

  • Annie97

    I`m so Blessed. God has his hands on us

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If you are 36 pregnant your due date is from Thursday, 9 June 2022 through Wednesday, 15 June 2022.

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