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34 Weeks pregnant

Week 34 starts on day 238 and goes up to day 245. It is your thirty-fifth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 42.5 centimeter / 16.7 inches
Weight of your baby: 2250 grams / 4 lbs 15 ozs

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  • lilmomma040914

    Almost there and I am so ready!!! Mostly I can`t wait to meet and love on my baby girl Noelle, but also I`m in lots of pain and I honestly want my body back! I`m very petite and have essentially run out of room making life very difficult. But no matter what as long as she is healthy then I am happy. Her big sister and I and so many more are counting down to welcome her home!!!

  • BabyKeadon

    Can`t wait to meet my new baby boy!

  • shanay25

    36 more days til I meet my baby girl my other kids can`t wait hubby tellin me he can`t wait

  • tracy799

    I`m 34weeks6days,I can`t wait for my little girl to get here,36more days to go,

  • shanay25

    34 and 2 days can`t wait to meet my lil girl even though this is # 4 its a blessing need to say I want my body back hurts all over

  • sheenab

    welcome week 34 I`m so happy all excited to c my little Emily

  • mstiffany

    cograts and happy new year to all you expecting mommys ;)

  • mstiffany

    Im 34 weeks and 2 days today. im so ready time is dragging now that im down to my last month and a half. im so excited and can` t wait to see baby BRIAN KILGORE

  • amandasattizahn

    ????? 34 weeks tomorrow can`t wait to meet my Gabriella June Rodriguez . . . I wish she would come now being pregnant is horrible !

  • samanthaa18

    34 Weeks , 42 More Days I Can`t Wait Doctors Appointment in The Morning I`m So Excited ; feelinq Very Tired Now , Leqs Hurts Back Hurts He Swims Now Instead Of Kicking Lol Such An Amazinq Feelinq <3 , gonna Enjoy Being a First Time Mother .

  • Jaynee

    @Baby Ayce - “Been in the hospital...„
    Hope everything goes great for you and your little one! he will be perfect I`m sure!! Goodluck!

  • Baby Ayce

    Been in the hospital for 5 days now...stuck at 5cm I`m so glad we`ve made it thus far!! Can`t wait to meet my little prince who is definitely proving to be a true soldier & a gift from above!

  • Jaynee

    34 weeks!!! almost there! can`t wait to hold my little one! Baby shower is today, let`s see how long I make it since rib pain seems to be a constant thing this past week. ugh..still excited tho!!

  • dontblink178

    34 weeks and 3 days~ really less than 39 days for me though! I find out what Emma`s estimated weight is on Jan. 8 and from there I decide if I want to be induced or have a c-section. Possibly schedule a date to have her then too. As of right now I`m having her apx. a week early!!! Nervous and excited!!!

  • pinkjess

    Wow 6 weeks left (hopefully no later doing natural birth) this is my first and its a girl. Her name is Amelia Marie Ybarra Wallace...I hope she dont come too soon...I havnt had my baby shower yet and won`t be till Jan 18 so im not prepared with everything I need before she born.

  • MillerBaby2016

    My Baby girl is almost here!!! 42 Days To Go!!

  • LaniWise

    42 days left & im so ready!!!! #impatients

  • lexi

    40 days left!

  • 2ndtimer

    @caregu - “Wow I can`t believe ...„
    Wow, well I hope all goes well. just ensure you have your little bag with you.

  • 2ndtimer

    34 weeks and oh so it wrong to say I want my body back? Oh my goodness, I am tried, so very tired and baby is constantly moving which is great, i love that. I have to work basically all the way up to my due date so am hoping she comes the weekend...I think I prefer a weekend delivery than an in the week one. My son was born on a Saturday and it went very well. I am hoping for a quick delivery with this little miss and pray that we all will have a safe delivery even as we enjoy this season.

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Members in week 34

If you are 34 pregnant your due date is from Tuesday, 31 March 2020 through Monday, 6 April 2020.

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