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31 Weeks pregnant

Week 31 starts on day 217 and goes up to day 224. It is your thirty-second pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 39 centimeter / 15.4 inches
Weight of your baby: 1500 grams / 3 lbs 5 ozs

Your pregnancy at 31 weeks 


What's happening with mum 

Did you know that your breasts will be on average 1 to 3 lbs heavier than before you were pregnant. Combine this with the weight of your growing baby and you may find you are experiencing severe backache.

This can be caused not only by the pressure exerted from carrying around that extra weight but also because progesterone, the hormone which relaxes muscles in preparation for the birth, also causes joints and ligaments to loosen and can create a curve in your lower back. 

Try to counteract this by correcting your posture when you are standing upright, ensuring that your ear, shoulder and hip are in alignment.



What's happening with baby

By this week all of baby's senses will be in full swing and he will be processing all the information the trillions of new brain connections to navigate and get to know the world around him and outside of the uterus.

As well as hearing and possibly recognising certain repeated sounds, including the sound of your voice, he will also be abe to track light, taste the fluid around him and feel his way using fingers and thumb.


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  • Aliya_h636

    I'm experiencing loss of appetite and dizziness it common??

  • Mrs-lacey

    Tired love the kicking

  • sayoddy

    Heartburn is something else. Tired of staying in bed and not having sex since the beginning of this journey.

  • Amanda Smith

    @Lyndsy lou - “31 weeks and 3 days ...„
    Hey lyndsy Lou hope it doing ok how quick has these few months gone by I remember messaging you in our early days now we`re on the home straight

  • Amanda Smith

    @Lyndsy lou - “31 weeks and 3 days ...„
    Hey lyndsy Lou hope it doing ok how quick has these few months gone by I remember messaging you in our early days now we`re on the home straight

  • Lyndsy-Lou

    31 weeks and 3 days with my Rainbow baby boy!!! Less than a week until my baby shower!

  • mommysky

    31weeks today.can`t wait to meet my little first boy after 3 beautiful girls.yepeee

  • claire_w

    31 weeks today!! can not wait to meet my Christmas baby girl!! Due....25th December!

  • Borngreat

    To God be the glory that we have made it this far. Can`t wait to hold baby Jayden-Liam in my arms. Baby boy number 2. Daddy is soooooo eager to kiss you little cupcake.

  • Malaysiah16

    To God be the glory.Thank you Lord for helping me get this far #Very grateful#Thankful# Couldn`t done it without you.

  • Hazelwings28

    Hello lady I`m new to this site I`m 31 weeks and 5 days pregnant with my 3 child it a boy I must say this pregnancy is very different from my last two I`m dealing with high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and sleepless nights but I`m sure that all of us, but other then that I`m really enjoying my pregnancy

  • Tashu84

    I`ve been able to breath so easily thoughout this pregnancy. The first 2 I was always breathless. This baby is smaller for a change. But I have been very lucky. No back pain, I can still sleep on my belly and still see my feet. Roll on October 14 little one!!

  • LittlePapas

    Me and my husband are super excited and can`t wait to meet our little boy Elijah. I am 31 weeks today yipee. I have had so many problems with this pregnancy so making is this far is wonderful. Gestational diabetes, lower back contractions, dizzy spells and to top it off out little one is breach. Our Dr. is giving him 2-4 weeks to turn hopefully he does or we will need c-section. Yesterday I went and had a prenatal massage wow that was amazing. I actually slept through the entire night and feel great this morning. Recommended to any expecting moms out there. I just had her avoid my tummy area. Hang in there everyone we are almost there ?

  • Amandah

    @SharonLopez - “@Amandah - “Up all...„
    Hang in there dear we will be not sleeping anyways getting up every couple hours to feed em we might as well get use to it. Lol it`ll be worth it all.

  • SharonLopez

    @Amandah - “Up all night last ni...„
    Me to I still sometimes flip over at night but then it hurts so I have to flip back

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If you are 31 pregnant your due date is from Thursday, 14 July 2022 through Wednesday, 20 July 2022.

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