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3 Weeks pregnant

Week 3 starts on day 21 and goes up to day 28. It is your fourth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 0.1 millimeter / 0.004 inches
Weight of your baby: 0 grams / 0 ozs

So you think you are 3 weeks pregnant

This is an exciting week because by the end of it you might finally be able to tell if you are indeed pregnant or if there are other factors influencing your periods. 

Although at this point you should be able to use a pregnancy test to confirm whether you are pregnant or not, this early on some tests can still result in a false negative. Most pregnancy tests are developed to recognise the pregnancy hormone or human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) which is produced around six days after a fertilised egg embeds itself in the uterus. At first the levels of hGC are small and can be hard to detect. Waiting another week or 2 might give a more reliable result.

If your pregnancy test is positive it is important that you get this confirmed by your doctor who can also advise you on how to proceed and what happens next.

What's happening with mum

Most of the symptoms associated with pregnancy are as a result of the changes in hormones, especially hGC. As levels at this time are still relatively small you might not feel any different. On the other hand, you may have light cramps, sensitive breasts or symptoms you would normally associate with pre-menstruation. Some women also complain of nausea or loss of appetite at this stage which can be attributed to increases in hormones. This can cause over stimulation of the senses, especially smell and taste, making even the most pleasant of scents eem overpowering or your once favourite sweet seem sickening.

What's happening with baby

I know it might not look like much is happening right now but there are major changes taking place. The ball of cells which began life as a sperm and an egg is now called a blastocyte.

The 23 sets of chromosomes are already deciding the color of hair and eyes your baby will have as well as other genetic factors. The sex of the baby has also been decided from conception and is dependant on the chromosome contained in the sperm. If it was an X the baby will be female, if it is a Y, the baby will be male.

The Practicalities

Consider taking another test to confirm pregnancy and perhaps make an appointment with your doctor or midwife.

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  • MissKarAquino

    Please help me,I don't know if Im pregnant or not,
    My menstruation is irregular,
    Sometimes it takes 21,sometimes,28 and worst is 35.
    I used different tools to calculate my ovulation and it said my ovulation was last dec. 24,2019. And me and my love make love last dec. 15 and dec 22.
    And my last menstruation was dec. 5.
    And I still have no menstruation today, yesterday I tried to use pregnancy test and it shoes negative.
    And I have pain below my abdomen,it feels like sharp object but it didnt last to long then its gone.
    Please help me to tell if Im pregnant or not... I'm a bit scared..

  • MissKarAquino

  • Momorris

  • Mommaof-9

    My lmp was june 6 im a 28 day my BFP was today at 11dpo i think i night be off right or no is it too soon to get a bfp right ? Looking at the pictures implantion hasnt happened but my pfp was super dark

  • SalenaSohne

    hmmm am I???

  • taiyse

    hello ive got a question ive ovulate 11 days ago my tep has been up so am I pregnant first doing the temp thing need help

  • Rm06

    Im about 46days delay, my first day of my last period menstruation was aug 31, 3017 and up to now. I dont have mens. I took PT but its negative. Please help me. Last few weeks i experienced bloating, constipation and also nausea. I also experience diarrhea. Please help me

  • Ashkash

    Is anyone experiencing morning sickness? Magnesium oil rubbed on the bottom of your feet will take it away instantly!!! I am 8 weeks a long now and I am so grateful to know about this all natural cure. I haven`t had morning sickness this severe with my first three pregnancies. This has been a life saver!!!

  • Ashkash

    Is anyone experiencing morning sickness? Magnesium oil rubbed on the bottom of your feet will take it away instantly!!! I am 8 weeks a long now and I am so grateful to know about this all natural cure. I haven`t had morning sickness this severe with my first three pregnancies. This has been a life saver!!!

  • sayoddy

    I`m trying for baby No.2 in 2nd cycle. my last cycle were 36 and 45days respectively. I`m in day 24 and dh is tired of having scheduled bd.

  • cneal

    I am 10DPO no symptoms and BFN 8 dpo. Ovulated on the 27. DTD on the 25 and 29th. So nervous. Want to be pregnant so badly

  • Lyndsy-Lou

    Yay I got my BFP!!! My rainbow baby will be here December 2017!!!

  • Queen2438

    @Cassandrah23 - “Im really excited......„
    It will b my first too I`m excited. Praying for me n I pray for u to the mother land

  • Queen2438

    I`m excited to I`m praying for this week because this will b my first baby at age 25

  • Praying4ourRainbow

    Really hoping this month is my month! Its all I can do to not test right now, but I know its still a little early to know for sure!
    I`m ready for my rainbow baby!

  • topletico

    Also praying for a positive reading. I want to give it a time before running home test

  • StacieAnn

    Praying for a positive reading...#OurRainbowBaby

  • kristelkayeful

    @Bella B - “Has anybody experien...„
    Did you take a test yet? I have the same thing going on right now

  • Bella B

    Has anybody experienced an implantation bleed that only lasted one wipe... yesterday I wen to toilet, when I wiped I had egg white mucus with a bit of brown blood, but nothing since... I have been reading blogs and websites and most women say it lasted 1 -2 days...

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