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26 Weeks pregnant

Week 26 starts on day 182 and goes up to day 189. It is your twenty-seventh pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 33 centimeter / 13 inches
Weight of your baby: 720 grams / 1 lbs 9 ozs

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  • ladylewandmoe

    Sorry I meant to put 26 weeks...almost close to third trimester

  • ladylewandmoe

    25 weeks and 5 days...cant wait to see my little bundle of joy.....its a boy!

  • TerriLeanne

    April 22nd, 25 weeks and 6 days :D,
    Having a little boy :D, Cannot wait :D :D

  • alenishko

    I`m 26 weeks today! Very excited!!! My baby girl is very active! sleeping is a little bit of a challange now but I couldn`t be happier :)

  • jennben85

    26 weeks and 4 days!!! Can`t wait to meet my baby girl April 14th. I`m starting to sleep a lot less because of back pain. My first was a breeze although she was born at 36 weeks. I can`t wait to meet Mackenzie! Congrats to all moms to be!

  • bknigbt23

    I`m 25.5,, and so ready to meet this wild girl, they always say u can tell the difference between boys and girls!! And this is true!, my first child was easy he didn`t give me any problems as for pains, and back pains! But baby girl,, wants me to know she`s there!! But its worth it all!! I can`t wait to meet our only baby girl!! This is 4 total, but my bf 3 third child and my second and my last!! Due April 12th!!

  • tanisha

    Finally 26 weeks today!! Excited!!!

  • RobinEpps1980

    My little angel is due April 7th can`t wait to meet her. I have 96 more days to go. Having lots of ligament and back pain but its all worth it!!! Congrats to all expecting mommies!!!

  • Latoya873

    im due april 1st with twim girls

  • jazziej4

    I will be 26 weeks on sunday.My ribs are hurting!But cant wait to meet my little girl.

  • Cmalone

    Im 26 weeks and 4 days. I`m due March. 18,2014 I`m excited and ready to see my son

  • sarahst27

    im due march 19th 2014 with a little boy

  • AmorOldman

    @AmorOldman - “I am 26 weeks and 5 ...„
    Having a little boy.

  • AmorOldman

    I am 26 weeks and 5 days pregnant. Due date is 15th March 2014

  • kvs bundle of joy

    Iam 26 wks today so excited that the day is getin closer my due date is march 6.. right around da corner ...congrats to all the mommy`s out there... may god be with us all as our lil bundle of joy`s arrive ..

  • Mrsriley28

    @dontblink178 - “26 weeks today! 98 d...„
    Don`t be nervous, I was too but I had to get over it knowing its a strong possibility because i`m carrying twins

  • Mrsriley28

    @honeybunches - “26 today hell yeah ...„
    I sooo envy you right now

  • Mrsriley28

    Thank God I finally made it to 26 weeks now to endure these last couple of months so that i can finally see my babies

  • sheenab

    Today I`m 26 weeks nd 3 days yeah


  • miller290

    I`m 26 weeks and 2 days 96 more to go and I can`t wait

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Members in week 26

If you are 26 pregnant your due date is from Sunday, 11 October 2020 through Saturday, 17 October 2020.

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