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26 Weeks pregnant

Week 26 starts on day 182 and goes up to day 189. It is your twenty-seventh pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 33 centimeter / 13 inches
Weight of your baby: 720 grams / 1 lbs 9 ozs

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  • MillerBaby2016

    26 weeks and 1 day .... 13 weeks and 6 days to go!!! I can`t wait to meet my little guy. This is baby number 2 for me he has a big sister waiting to meet him. I have to go for my Glucose test this week hope all is good!!

  • laurita93

    Yay finally 26 weeks nd yes the heart burn does suck

  • Scraggles86

    Heartburn is awful

  • Scraggles86

    Heartburn is awful

  • Miriamm

    @meekspirit00 - “@yessiep77 - “For ...„

  • babyHasan

    26 weeks 3 days ... We made it pass another mile stone. I cant wait to meet my baby boy a.k.a little flipper. He Is SO Active . Congratulations ladies.

  • Melissa77

    26 weeks and seem like time is on the move.The Nesting instinct has definitely kicked in. My car stayed parked this whole weekend and i cleaned cleaned cleaned till midnight. Wow! I was wondering where all the energy came from suddenly... l
    Happy Monday June 1st

  • Krysdissius

    26 weeks and baby is doing great, he moves around alot and kicks extra hard here and there too. We are now working on the nursery can`t wait till its all finished :)

  • Booberry6815

    Amen meekspirirt00!!! I`m 43 and struggling thru a lot of physical
    Problems but baby girl is healthy kicker! It easy to forgot the blessing he when in pain but helps to share with others.

  • meekspirit00

    I am 26 weeks today and my son Jacob is moving and playing contantly, He makes me smile seeing his little knees and elbows against my growing belly, kicks and jabs...such a precious time for me...Thank you my Lord for this miracle and second chance at life at 44 yrs old! I am truly blessed.

  • meekspirit00

    @yessiep77 - “For this week ive be...„
    teach yourself crochet and make a baby afghan, or layette set, learn to sew neat crafts for your other children and your nursery, your spending way to much time inside your own mind, get out of it and enjoy your kids the way it was intended, i know it`s hard, but it`s the only way to get out of it by keeping your mind active on other things then the thoughts that are getting you down. I`ll pray for you.

    A Prayer Against Depression: God, I have been carrying a heavy burden and I am coming to You right now for relief. I surrender all my hurts, disappointments and insecurities to You. Thank You for Your Word, which tells me about Your unconditional love and affection for me. You are my Father, and I am Your child. I love to be in Your presence, You are the source of all my peace and joy. Forever I will praise You. Amen.

  • kmclean

    My little baby girl moves constantly. I tell my fiancé that she never sleeps. lol I cant wait to meet her. My family and friends are also preparing for her shower! Kacey Rae!!!

  • ~AmandaBrooke~

    @yessiep77 - “For this week ive be...„
    I`m sorry to hear you been feeling so down Your hormones could be causing you to feel this way as each pregnancy treats us so differently. Have you thought about getting a neat little thing called BeBe Sounds? You can find them on EBay & you can listen to your baby inside the womb. Maybe hearing your baby will help pick you up, plus the whole family can enjoy. Pick up a good book to read, when your relaxing kick your feet up & read to take your mind off anything negative. Keeping your mind busy will help tremendously when you are depressed. And just remember, for anything depressing your feeling, there is always so much more to be excited & happy about. Get paper & write down everything positive in your life, everything you have to be greatful for & things that excite you. When i felt down, writing helped me, esp by focusing on everything positive not negative. And most importantly, remind yourself that you are amazing & have so much to be happy about. The positive will outweigh the negative

  • ~AmandaBrooke~

    26 weeks 1 day today! Brookelynn Daenerys is a very active baby girl, she is giving me back aches & I feel like I live in the bathroom from the pressure on my bladder, LoL <3 I go for my 2nd sugar test next week. We got a BeBe Sounds to hear her & I fall asleep I listen to her for so long! We can`t wait to meet our baby girl & Gavin can`t wait to meet his baby sister

  • yessiep77

    For this week ive been feeling a little down idk why this is my fourth pregnancy and with my last one I`ve always been happy but this pregnancy ive been feeling down and depressed, Any good advice to help? ing

  • DMur

    Due Feb 21st. This is my first and we are so excited. My husband was able to feel our little guy kick today for the first time which was priceless!

  • melreid81

    This is my 5th baby 2nd boy and my last my back hurts so bad ugh but my lil man is well worth it I`m 25 weeks 5 days due feb 22 2015

  • chrystal

    I really like this site , very informative :-D

  • sepakon

    Wooow the movements are so incredible

  • shortieB

    I can feel her moving around soo much all the time its nice to know shes ok and I cant wait to hold her 27th week 98 days to go!

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Members in week 26

If you are 26 pregnant your due date is from Thursday, 8 October 2020 through Wednesday, 14 October 2020.

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