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25 Weeks pregnant

Week 25 starts on day 175 and goes up to day 182. It is your twenty-sixth pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 32.5 centimeter / 12.8 inches
Weight of your baby: 650 grams / 1 lbs 7 ozs

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  • NVus84

    Hey now.....
    I`m in my 25th wk & it feels amazing
    15 more wks to go until I see my Jurnee`s face...
    I`m actually goin to get my 3D ultrasound done today at noon, I pray I get sum good pix of my princess
    Wish me luck ppl...

  • Soontobemamaoftwo

    15 more weeks to go and she`ll finally be here. Man I can`t wait I`m so excited but anxious at the same time

  • Amy F

    25 weeks and 3 days!!! love you Amina

  • meekspirit00

    25 weeks and 3 days today...doing things , luike housework and bending over to pick somethingup requires a little more effort, becomming fatigued quickly and easier...braxton hicks every now and then, baby Jacob getting hick-ups whenever i drink tomatoe juice, weird lol I love him so much...
    Thank you my Lord

  • Evedeering

    25 weeks today :-)

  • CarolynB

    25 weeks today, My little guy is kicking up a storm, if I press firmly I can actually feel little legs and feet.....mind blown!

  • Erika_lee

    First pregnancy

  • domosplace

    ZOMG 25wks <3 I cant wait til march I want to see my loving angel

  • SandyPants

    @kmclean - “I am 25 weeks now! ...„
    Yaeee! Happy u passed ur test! I get the results for mine Next Monday. Kinda nervous BC I had gestational diabetes with my son! I did good even tho I had it but I don`t wanna deal with it again!

  • SandyPants

    Hi everyone!!! I`m soo excited about being 25 weeks pregnant

  • beautifulblessings


  • kmclean

    I am 25 weeks now! very excited! I passed my glucose sugar test last week. Just so excited about my little girl coming along. I dream about her as well!!

  • mamagstring3

    congrats everyone! cant wait to meet my baby girl! :)

  • niakk

    Am 25weeks and my boy is busy kicking and playing

  • Khushboo23

    25 Weeks Pregnant today. Eagerly waiting for 14th Dec. 2014 to See My Baby.

  • doris1990

    im 25 weeks 6 days im so excited icant wait to see my lil man

  • NaomiJ

    Im 25 weeks and 2 days. I couldnt be more excited. Everyday is a day closer to meeting my little princess. Nov, 24th cant get here fast enough.

  • Tash3

    25 weeks today with pressure in my vaginal area, I go for my cervical length ultrasound today praying everything is going well.

  • riyaksb

    25 weeks and fine baby is doing good I think I am having Braxton Hicks contractions, let see next appointment is on 9th august.

  • babyphattek

    yayy finally made it to 25 weeks yayyy!!! so excited to meet my little ms. bailey bella :-)

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If you are 25 pregnant your due date is from Wednesday, 28 July 2021 through Tuesday, 3 August 2021.

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  • 7/30 gloriousgift

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