22 Weeks pregnant 

22 Weeks pregnant

Week 22 starts on day 154 and goes up to day 161. It is your twenty-third pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 28.5 centimeter / 11.2 inches
Weight of your baby: 440 grams / 15.5 ozs

Your pregnancy at 22 weeks 


What's happening with mum 

Around now you might find yourself experiencing practice contraction pains, known as prodromal labor or Braxton Hicks. These false labour pains are caused by a tightening or contraction of the uterine muscle, thought to help the body prepare itself for the birth.

It is suggested that these infrequent, irregular mild cramp pains can be alleviated by good hydration, lying down on the left side and regular, rythmic breathing.


What's happening with baby

Until baby lays down a good layer fat he will appear wrinkly and pink although at this time his skin will begin to change and become less transparent and more opaque.

Baby's eyes and lips are more pronounced now and he may begin touching his face to explore his growing sense of touch or grip the umbilical chord to test out his new found strength.


If you are 22 pregnant your due date is from Monday, 12 August 2024 through Sunday, 18 August 2024.

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