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21 Weeks pregnant

Week 21 starts on day 147 and goes up to day 154. It is your twenty-second pregnancy week.

Length of your baby: 27 centimeter / 10.6 inches
Weight of your baby: 380 grams / 13.4 ozs

Your pregnancy at 21 weeks 


What's happening with mum 

As you continue to grow and your bump becomes more pronounced, the changes taking place inside can have adverse effects. 

Stretch marks are a common complaint of pregnancy and can appear as a result of the stretching of the skin to accomodate growth, especially in the tummy, breasts, hips and thighs.

Although there is no way of knowing whether you will develop them it is advised that you keep your skin moisturised to help protect it. If you do develop these purplish red streaks it is nice to

know that although they never completely disappear,  after the birth they usually fade to a silver grey or white 



What's happening with baby

Your baby is now getting in training for all those experiences awaiting him after the birth. By swallowing a little amniotic fluid every day he is helping the formation of the gastrointestinal tract.

The amniotic fluid contains electrolytes, proteins, Carbohydrates, lipids and urea which all contribute to the healthy growth of the baby.

Because baby's taste buds are now developed, he can also experience the different flavours of food you have eaten, especially particularly strong tasting foods like spices.

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  • Sara199

  • sayoddy

    21weeks today with my rainbow. I had threatened miscarriage at 11weeks and stopped spotting at 18weeks. Took progesterone weekly from 11weeks to 18weeks and can't afford to again but I'm on bed rest.
    So I've started taking 100mg vitaminC daily with my prenatal supplement that has 60mg vitaminC.

    I pray to carry to full term and deliver safely.

    I lost a rainbow pregnancy at 28weeks but pray not to occur again.

    Help me Jesus

  • Lyndsy-Lou

    21 weeks with my bouncing baby boy who is a rainbow!!! So very blessed!

  • Nakandy

    21 weeks today with my second baby.. 1st boy.. I`m enjoying it!

  • BabyJaiel

    Having my second son was hoping for a girl but im happy my son is excited to have a baby brother.

  • gabrielleparra

    Im Having My Second Boy!!!!? 4Th Pregnancy!!
    Due Sept 12th..21 weeks

  • 10yrsLa8r2ndBabyBump

    @shatoine - “Finally pregnant wit...„
    Congratulations... I pray u had a safe delivery.

  • Quinnsmom4

    @Zy - “Hi I`m new to this s...„
    Yes I had it with my first and now have it with my third but by the ultrasound you get by 32 weeks to see if it has moved mine will be hoping that happens for this one too.

  • Zy

    Hi I`m new to this site but I`m 20 wks n 6 days I was just diagnosed with placenta previa anyone else had that

  • Lmsuncar

    I am having a girl!

  • Martinique

    This is girl season for real

  • Martinique

    @MillerBaby2016 - “21weeks and 1 day!! ...„
    : i am the same I am so happy this is my second girl

  • wabbitworld

    Not true about not being able to do anything for round ligament pain. Taking Magnesium and Potassium supplements has basically eliminated my round ligament pain; I eat plenty of dairy so calcium is not an issue for me, but that would be another one that could cause the cramping. Prenatal vitamins have NO Magnesium in them; it inhibits iron absorption. So most women never realize they are lacking in it or need it. Crazy! Just make sure you don`t take it WITH your prenatals; take in the evening instead or something.

  • shatoine

    Finally pregnant with my baby girl after 6 sons. Due December 3rd 2016!!!

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If you are 21 pregnant your due date is from Tuesday, 20 September 2022 through Monday, 26 September 2022.

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